Aberystwyth Council

Dyna Dref Wych!

Ennill y Wobr

Ym mis Rhagfyr 2014, cafodd Aberystwyth ei chydnabod drwy ennill y wobr Dref Wych ar gyfer ei gwaith rhagorol yn hyrwyddo ei lleoliad, ei heconomi a'i chymuned. Detholwyd Aberystwyth yn enillydd i 2015 gan yr Academi Bywyd Dinesig o restr fer o drefi fel Beverley yn Sir Efrog a Bury yn Sir Gaerhirfryn. Meddai Maer Aberystwyth:

"It is absolutely brilliant for Aberystwyth to be recognised in this way - the people of Aberystwyth can be very proud."

Meddai Tim Challans, prif aseswr y Gwobrau Bywyd Dinesig:

“We were very impressed with how Aberystwyth defies all the apparent disadvantages of its isolated location to be a successful seaside resort and popular university town.”

Meddai Tim Challans hefyd:

“The town’s resilience in recovering from the winter storms demonstrates how its people are passionate about their home.”

"Aberystwyth" gan Ian McMillan

Place of learning, place of water, place of sky;
Place where the Gulf Stream warms your bones
Place where the Welsh-speaking seagulls fly
Place of a castle built from ancient stones....
The railway came and brought the world,
To sit on the beach or listen and learn
To raise Education’s flag, unfurled
To walk down the promenade, stand then turn
And face the streets that can reinvent
The idea of what a small town can achieve;
Aberystwyth’s a statement of intent
About coming for a term, never wanting to leave;
If Wales is a body I think Aber’s the brain;
Why, even the rain is intellectual rain!