Aberystwyth Council

Aberystwyth Officially Supports Continued Membership of the European Union

Aberystwyth benefits from the EU

Thanks to Britain's current membership of the European Union and the benefits that it brings, Aberystwyth directly benefits from tens of millions of pounds every year of increased spending.  This is because of the arrangements with the EU that allows its people to travel to Aberystwyth in order to study on courses in our university. The University is by far Aberystwyth's biggest employer, employing thousands of people, of whom a significant and growing number owe their employment to EU funding. The extra number of students from EU member states helps to boost our local economy when they spend money in our shops, cafés and restaurants; but the greater contribution that is brought is culture. Our cosmopolitan town has a thriving music and dance scene, a vibrant visual arts community and a rich and diverse number of linguistic communities including speakers of many minority languages. Because of the European Union, Aberystwyth has been able to develop itself as a vibrant and outward-looking cultural centre.

Wales benefits from the EU

Just as we see in Aberystwyth, with the benefits of freedom of movement of people and the single market, the whole of Wales benefits considerably from the EU with extra jobs, tourism, freedom to travel, more educational opportunities, human rights and rights at work. Continued membership of the European Union and working together with our European neighbours through discussion and consensus will only help Wales and Great Britain develop as outward-looking places with good, strong and healthy relationships.

Aberystwyth Council supports the campaign for Britain to remain in the European Union.