Aberystwyth Council

Council notes:

  • Its recent statement in support of Aberystwyth being a hate-free town.
  • That recent events have brought to the forefront of public consciousness the discrimination that many Black and Minority Ethnic people face in their day-to-day lives.
  • The stark prejudices that can face Black people on both a global and local level.
  • That Aberystwyth, like many historic towns, has a racist history to contend with and acknowledge.


Council believes:

  1. That recent events worldwide, from the murder of George Floyd to the death of Belly Mujinga, have proven yet again the need for long overdue progress for racial equality.
  2. It is important to show sympathy to the way in which repeated instances of violence and injustice against Black people - often involving graphic video footage - can be traumatic and draining on Black individuals worldwide.
  3. That recognition of a need for care as well as speaking out against injustices is the responsibility of everyone, but that it is doubly important for democratic bodies such as the Town Council.
  4. That Black Lives Matter.


Aberystwyth Town Council therefore calls for:

  1. An expression of solidarity with and support for the global pursuit of justice and fairness pursued by the Black Lives Matter movement.
  2. A vote of thanks to the organisers of Aberystwyth’s Black Lives Matter protest (4 June).
  3. A vote of thanks for the work done by Diverse Cymru, who provide support, services and advice to Black and Minority Ethnic people throughout Wales.
  4. Ben Lake MP to place pressure on the UK Government to immediately suspend any sale of rubber bullets, restraints, tazers, and other riot gear, as well as mechanisms to make riot equipment, to the USA
  5. Welsh Government to prioritise the work of the Wales BAME Covid-19 health advisory group.


Aberystwyth Town Council also resolves to:


  1. Encourage local institutions to raise awareness through exhibitions and educational resources based on local and Welsh history.
  2. Take immediate action in response to any racist graffiti.






Cllr Nia Edwards-Behi

North Ward