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About Aberystwyth Town Council grants



Aberystwyth Town Council grants are made for the benefit of people and projects local to Aberystwyth.  The maximum figure payable for grants will be £5000


Applications will be considered for financial assistance towards a specific project or activity from community associations, cultural, educational, sporting and charitable organisations, which are non-commercial and whose membership and field of activity is based within the council boundary for the Town of Aberystwyth. 


The scheme provides start-up grants for new organisations as well as grants to existing organisations.


Any group awarded a grant of £5,000 may be allocated a Council Member to act as an observer at the group’s meetings and link with the Council.



When considering your application



We will look at:


  • how well the grant will meet the needs of the community
  • how effectively your group will use the grant
  • whether the costs are appropriate and realistic
  • the level of contributions raised locally
  • whether the applicant could reasonably have been expected to obtain sufficient funding from a more appropriate source
  • how the group is managed


Groups working with young people and/or vulnerable adults will be required to have protection policies in place and all staff are to have valid police checks.  Applicants will also be expected to demonstrate that they have adequate public liability insurance for their activities. 


Please do not hesitate to contact the Town Clerk if you would like to talk through the application form before completing it.



When to apply



Grants are offered annually in April. 


All applications must be received at the Town Council Office by 1 April.


Late applications will not be accepted.



Who can apply



The Council is prevented by statute from giving financial assistance to individuals. 


You can apply if:


  • you are a not for profit group operating for the benefit of the community in Aberystwyth.
  • your group is set up for charitable purposes. However, you don’t have to be registered as a charity or recognised by HM Revenue & Customs to apply for a grant.  You will need to have some form of management committee or steering group with a bank account with more than one signatory;
  • you are a group of people, not necessarily constituted, who/that has specifically come together to run a project without having a separate constitution.  However, you must have a separate bank account.  Grants in these circumstances will be made on a one-off basis and if you wish to apply again in the future, your group must be constituted;
  • your aims and objectives are clear and well defined and are real benefit to the community of Aberystwyth;
  • you have a constitution or set of rules (which you must include with your application form);
  • you have a bank or building society account with at least two joint signatories
  • you have annual accounts or a statement of income and expenditure (which you must include, with your application);
  • your group is working towards an equal opportunities policy and constitution and can demonstrate that it is working within the Disability Discrimination Act and is aware of health and safety requirements
  • You have a working child protection and/or vulnerable adult protection policy if you are working in this area
  • you are a school association/PTA applying for a grant which is for an extra curricular activity (subject to funds being ring-fenced and subject to applicants establishing separate bank accounts and constitution).


New groups


Applications from new groups are welcome.  We will need to know:


  • why you want to start the group and how it will be continued
  • have you any support from people wanting to join or run the group
  • how you know there is a need


As a new group, you may not be able to provide a set of annual accounts, however, we would need to see bank statements and an estimate of your income and expenditure for your first year.




If you are a branch of a larger organisation you must have:


  • a constitution or set of rules of your own
  • a separate management committee
  • your own bank account
  • your own annual accounts approved by the management committee
  • control over your own income and how it is spent
  • a specific brief for activities benefiting some, or all, of the community of Aberystwyth.




Individuals wishing to run projects that would be of benefit to the community are eligible to apply if the following criteria/conditions are met:


  • a bank account, separate from the individuals’ personal account, is set up with two independent signatories
  • there is evidence of support from the intended beneficiaries of the project



The amount that can be applied for



The maximum figure payable for grants will be £5,000. 


An applicant applying for more than £2,000 must provide evidence in the form of a business plan and financial forecasts.



What will not be funded



Grants will not be provided for:


  • Activities that are part of statutory obligations or replace statutory funding, including curricular activity in schools etc.
  • Endowments
  • Salaries of any description
  • Loan repayments
  • Rates, council tax and utilities
  • Insurance costs
  • Second hand road vehicles
  • Projects with high ongoing maintenance costs – unless your group can show that you have the funds/skills to maintain them once your Aberystwyth Town Council grant runs out
  • Political groups



A grant may have to be repaid



The grant will have to be repaid if:


  • If there is a serious breach of the terms and conditions
  • the group ceases to operate before the funds have been spent
  • if a project does not proceed as planned.  The grant must be used within one year.  We recognise that project timescales can slip for good reasons but we would expect to be informed of any problems.  If a project does not proceed as planned we would expect the grant to be returned.


Anyone found to be acting dishonestly in making the application, or spending the grant, will be reported to the police and the Council will press for prosecution.



Data Protection and Freedom of Information



In signing the application form, you give permission for Aberystwyth Town Council to use the information that you provide for:


  • establishing your entitlement to a grant
  • inclusion on a computerised register maintained by Aberystwyth Town Council
  • administering and analysing your application and grant.


We aim to make our grant making and assessment process as open and clear as possible.  To achieve this aim we may:


  • hold open committee meetings, where we discuss individual applications in front of the public or media
  • allow your representatives to see information about the way in which we reach decisions on your application. 


However, we would always want to respect the confidentiality of information provided and would judge on a case-by-case basis what would be appropriate to reveal.


We recognise the need to maintain the confidentiality of vulnerable groups and individuals, and their details will not be made public in any way, except as required by law.  If you think your application falls within this category, please let us know.




Terms and conditions



Please read carefully as it is a condition of any application that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions.


  • All applications will go to the Finance Committee who will make budget recommendations to the full Town Council for approval. All decisions made by Full Council are final.  Please note that the meetings of the Finance Committee and the Town Council are open to members of the press and the public and that minutes of the meetings are available from the Town Council Office.
  • The grant from Aberystwyth Town Council must be acknowledged in any publicity and in the group’s accounts.
  • We will use the name of your group (not personal data) and its project in our own publicity material.
  • If you receive a grant, it may only be used for the purpose set out in the application form and it cannot be given to any other group. 
  • We will not give grants to cover costs that have already been incurred and the grant cannot be increased.
  • Your grant will be paid by cheque made payable to the bank account detailed on the application form.
  • We will ask you to complete a short report to tell us what you achieved with the funds.  We will also ask you for proof that the money was spent for the intended purposes, and reserve the right to conduct an audit if required.
  • When a grant expires, Aberystwyth Town Council has no commitment to provide any further funding for the project.
  • Maximum grant payable will be £5,000. 


The information in these notes could change from time to time.  Policy and regulations on distributing funds may also change.  We reserve the right to amend any policy, procedures and assessment criteria and will aim to inform actual or possible beneficiaries.


The application form does not necessarily reflect all the information used by the Committee to decide on applications.  The Committee may seek additional information to check your application and organisation.


Send your completed application form to:



The Town Clerk

Aberystwyth Town Council

11 Baker Street



SY23 2BJ


01970 624761  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Please let us know if you need to receive this form in another format



Revised February 2020