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Cllr Brenda Haines

Cllr Ceredig Davies

 Cllr Wendy Morris-Twiddy

Cllr M. A. Strong

Cllr Sue Jones-Davies

Cllr Mair Benjamin

Cllr Dylan Lewis

Cllr Alun Williams

Cllr Brian Davies

Cllr Mererid Jones

Cllr Jeff Smith

Cllr Kevin Roy Price

Cllr Endaf Edwards

Cllr Lucy Huws

Cllr Brendan Somers


Cllr Steve Davies


Minute 63.

The Mayor welcomed Mr Meic Birtwistle of BBC Radio Cymru to the meeting. Mr Birtwistles presentation on the Great War, highlighted the hounding of a German lecturer among other German people out of Aberystwyth with the support of the then Aberystwyth Borough Council.

Following a discussion members resolved that Aberystwyth Town Council work with Mr Birtwistle to produce a plaque bringing attention to this happening.

The Mayor thanked Mr Birtwistle for his informative address.


Minute 64.

Declaration of Interest on matters arising from agenda items.


Minute 65.

Personal references.


Minute 66.

Mayoral Activity Report.

The report on the Mayors activities during the past two months was circulated to members.


Minute 67.

Minutes of Full Council held on 28th July 2014.


Minute 68.

Matters arising from the minutes.

Minute 46. PRO1 requires amending to read “Aberystwyth Town Council will respond to all planning applications within the time frame stipulated by Ceredigion County Council. Where planning applications are received outside of the normal meeting cycle, non-contentious plans will be dealt with by the Town Clerk through consultation with the chairman, vice-chairman and councillors representing the ward where the proposed development is located “or all other committee members in their absence”. An additional Council meeting will be called whenever there is a situation of wider public concern.

Cllr Ceredig Davies was of the opinion that local people should be made aware of the possible effects of this new planning policy.

Minute 47. Item 3.(b). It should be noted and included that Aberystwyth was the only town in Wales nominated for the award.

Item 6  Arklow. Individuals keen on twinning with Arklow should be invited to the council meeting with other twinning committees’

Minute 52. Expenditure to be indicated.


Minute 69.




Present:        Cllr Endaf Edwards

                       Cllr Brenda Haines

                       Cllr Sue Jones-Davies

                       Cllr Mair Benjamin

                       Cllr Jeff Smith

                       Cllr Ceredig Davies

                       Cllr Wendy Morris-Twiddy

                       Cllr Martin Shewring

                       Cllr Kevin Roy Price


Apologies:    Cllr Dylan Lewis

                       Cllr Mark Strong


  1. Correspondence


Cllr Endaf Edwards reminded members that the Supplementary Planning Guidance documents are available in the office for inspection.  The consultation period will run until 12.00 pm on 26 September 2014 and covers the following:


Built Environment and Design

Nature Conservation

Renewable Energy

Car Parking Standards

Transport Assessments


The following correspondence was received from the Planning Inspectorate.


Application A130701 – appeal dismissed


The following correspondence was received from Cyngor Sir Ceredigion.


A110922 – approved

A140257 – approved

A140263 – planning permission given and listed building consent given

A140315 – approved

A140360 – approved

A140404 – approved

A140445 – approved

A140466 – approved

A140472 – approved

A140477 – approved

A140512 – prior approval not required


  1. To consider planning applications



Installation of an Automatic Teller Machine (“ATM”) and infill of existing covered entrance area (amended plans)

19-21 North Parade, Aberystwyth


We have no objection to the installation of an ATM but the designs for the ATM that are submitted in the application include monolingual (English-only) text.  We consider that Tesco should follow the example of other ATMs in the area, which are bilingual (Welsh and English).


However, we object to infilling the existing covered entrance area as it reduces the public domain.  The area in question is extremely helpful in separating the flows of pedestrians in Terrace Road, Owain Glyndŵr Square and North Parade on a very busy sharp corner with heavy traffic flow.  When considering how many pedestrians walk round the corner, the existing entrance area is important in protecting the public and facilitating a comprehensive shopping experience in the town.


We also note that the application plans show that the windows would be covered by posters, making it very difficult to see into the shop from outside.  This is unlike other shop windows in Aberystwyth town centre, including shop windows for this type of store.  We would like the windows cleared so that members of the public are able to see inside.



Demolition of existing outbuildings and erection of a new single storey extension to rear of house and erection of a detached garage.

High Lea, Southgate, Aberystwyth


No objection.



Display of signage

47 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth


Strong objection, on the following grounds:

  • We consider that the size of the proposed logo to be painted on the wall is inappropriate, would dominate the views of pedestrians looking up Great Darkgate Street and is thus not in keeping with Aberystwyth town centre
  • Internally illuminated signs are inappropriate and do not conform to the Supplementary Planning Guidance on Shopfront design in Aberystwyth.

We also note that the developer has already started work on the building, soon after a substantial amount of money was spent on refurbishing the building with Town Improvement Grant support.  Aberystwyth Town Council considers that this represents a disappointing waste of public money.



Alterations to internal walls and existing accommodation, in order to create 3 new residential units

First, second and third floors, 28 Pier Street, Aberystwyth


No objection.  However, Aberystwyth Town Council is concerned that no area for waste disposal or recyclable waste is provided.



Display of signage

Natwest, North Parade, Aberystwyth


  1. Internally illuminated signs are inappropriate and do not conform to the Supplementary Planning Guidance on Shopfront design in Aberystwyth.



Change of Use from a redundant toilet block to a restaurant and food outlet and associated works

Harbour Unit, South Promenade, Aberystwyth


No objection.  Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes this application.




Display of signage

Barclays Bank, 26 Terrace Road, Aberystwyth


  1. We note that the proposed signs are acrylic and feel that plastic signs do not conform to the Supplementary Planning Guidance on Shopfront design in Aberystwyth. We ask that timber signs be used instead.



Proposed conversion of, and minor alterations to, existing promenade building to provide 18 hotel bedrooms, restaurant and reception.  Demolition of rear extensions and replacement with 5 storey extension containing 45 hotel bedrooms and associated plant, circulation and storage.  Alterations to Bath Street Car Park to provide 40 parking spaces

36 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth


  1. Aberystwyth Town Council has the following concerns regarding this application:
  • The proposed development would use all of the Bath Street Car Park, which represents a loss of car parking spaces available to the general public. This would have a detrimental impact on local businesses.  We suggest that a S106 agreement is used to make parking spaces available to non-residents between 11 am and 4 pm.
  • The scale of the rear extension would have an adverse impact on the listed building.
  • We are concerned about the loss of historical features, notably doors, from the listed building. We ask that the original fixtures are retained


A 140558 As requested by Aberystwyth Town Council frosted glass will now be installed.

A 140589 The Starbucks Logo was not approved.


Minute 70

General Management.





Present:        Cllr Ceredig Davies

                       Cllr Mair Benjamin

                       Cllr Alun Williams

                       Cllr Brenda Haines

                       Cllr Kevin Roy Price

                       Cllr Brian Davies

                       Cllr M.A. Strong

                       Cllr Wendy Morris-Twiddy

                       Cllr Jeff Smith

                       Cllr Sue Jones-Davies

                       Cllr Martin W Shewring

                       Cllr Mererid Jones

                       Cllr Brendan Somers

                       Cllr Endaf Edwards


Apologies:    Cllr Steve Davies


1   Declaration of Interest.



2  Correspondence.

Cambrian News :   Communication had been received from a Cambrian News reporter requesting information relating to payments made by Cllr Aled Davies on behalf of council for work undertaken on the North Road Maze which had supposedly been brought to the attention of the Wales Audit Office and BDO.

Following discussion it was agreed that this matter be referred to the Finance committee who should also request BDO for the source of their information.

Peninsula:  A letter from Peninsula to Aberystwyth Town Council offered supportive services for employees. It was agreed that since this council only employed two members of staff the offer would not be pursued.

Google:  Sales brochures sent to the office were received.




3   Office  Accomodation.

The Landlords Solicitors were now pressing for completion of contracts. Cllr Ceredig Davies had notified the solicitors acting for Aberystwyth Town Council that the council was in recess for the month of August and that this issue would be discussed at the next full meeting of council on Monday 29th August.

Copies of the latest version of the lease were circulated to members. Issues brought to the attention of members from their solicitors were:

(a)  Rent.

(b)  Number of members of the public permitted to be present during meetings should be limited to sixty (60)

(c)   A room for CAB (1 -2 days a week) on a temporary basis.

(d)  The possibility of the Skateboard Park Project Manager to be accommodated.

Once the lease has been agreed a plan would be put in place.

It was recommended to refer these issues to the finance committee and request full council to accept.

Cllr Ceredig Davies would inform the council’s solicitor of the recommendations.


4    Castle Play Area.  Damaged equipment.

Work delegated to Mr Jon Hadlow of Ceredigion County Council’s Parks and Garden Department. Mr Hadlow has the entire delivery of the replacement equipment in the Bryn-y-Mor Nursery. However, no invoice has yet arrived. Cllr Ceredig Davies to check. Aberystwyth Town Council could be liable for labour costs from Ceredigion.


5    Allotments Update.

Copy of the licence for the land behind 5th Avenue was provided by Ceredigion County Council and was circulated to members. The licence could be a template for any agreement between Aberystwyth Town Council and Ceredigion County Council via the 5th Avenue allotments. Cllr Mark Strong declared a personal interest.

Ceredigion County Council are willing for Aberystwyth Town Council to take over the land in question. Cllr Mererid Jones recommended that a due diligence exercise should be undertaken first and that Ceredigion should prune the tree on site. Requirements from Ceredigion should include water and liabilities (maintenance etc.). Since council does not have individuals to undertake necessary work this would have to be bought in. Cllr Mererid Jones would request the relevant information.

Cllr Ceredig Davies understands that vacant allotments would be allocated to residents of the Aberystwyth precept area. He also stated that council should be looking to take over the allotments by April 2015.

Action Plan.

Request Ceredigion for all relevant figures as soon as possible.

Delegate the day-to-day running of the allotments to allotment holders.

Cllr Ceredig Davies noted that there were two (2) areas of land :- allotment land and wooded land by St Brieuc Bridge which council had not taken into consideration.

There were environmental issues surrounding this land since Japanese Knotweed was present and therefore additional guidance would be required. Council should also be aware of its liabilities for litter picking, invasive species and general maintenance.

Encroachment issues should also be addressed with Ceredigion or the terms of the license could be evoked.


6    Garden Spaces – Update.

Cllr Alun Williams stated that Faenor Council, Llanbadarn Council and Aberystwyth Town Council were happy to make progress. The current delay was by the University and the moving of “Top-Soil” was their responsibility.


7    Christmas Arrangements.

Cllr Ceredig Davies had contacted Wales & West Utilities re the arrangements needed for the Christmas Parade.

The switching on of the Christmas Lights would take place on Friday 28th November 2014.

Parade:  Two options were discussed for the Christmas Parade dependant on the ongoing road works:-

(a)  Start at St Michaels  -  St James Square  -  Gt Darkgate Street.

(b)  Start at St Michaels  -   New Street  -  Eastgate  -  Market Street  -  Gt Darkgate Street.

Cllr Mererid Jones proposed that Menter take the responsibility of organising the parade and make an application to the Finance Committee should they need funds.

Lights:  Festoon lights and Garlands in Bridge Street, Chalybeate Street, Eastgate and Terrace Road. Are all these lights required or should some be stripped out and only light Gt.Darkgate Street and Terrace Road. Cllr Wendy Morris asked whether “Shops” and Chamber of Commerce would contribute to the funding. Cllr Martin Shewring stated that council should get as many partners on board as possible. Members were of the opinion that the priority should be Town Centre and Terrace Road.

Cllr Mererid Jones proposed that a detailed quotation is obtained from the council’s current operative and Cllr Ceredig Davies was requested to obtain this quotation by Monday 22nd September. Cllr Ceredig Davies stated that quotations from other installers/providers should be during March/April of a calendar year.

Christmas Tree:  It was agreed that the Christmas Tree be purchased from the same provider as last year and that Cllr Ceredig Davies would make the necessary arrangements.




8    Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner.

The Mayor would make enquiries about different venues apart from Llety Parc and ideally be held within the boundaries of Aberystwyth Town Council. The cost of the dinner to senior citizens last year was £2.50 per person. This would be referred to the Finance Committee.


9    St Brieuc.

Members present were informed that the plaque had been located.


10  Plaque to commemorate Professor T. H. Parry-Williams

Members were informed that “Wern” North Road was still up for sale and therefore there was time to mount a plaque. Cllr Jeff Smith suggested that Aberystwyth Town Council makes a contribution for a slate plaque which could cost between £300 and £400. Cllr Mererid Jones would also speak to the National Library prior to the next Finance Committee. The General Management Committee indicated its support also.

It was resolved to defer any decision until the meeting of the Finance and Establishments Committee.

It was pointed out to members that there was a spelling mistake on the Yosano plaque and that a quotation be forwarded to the Finance Committee to address this matter.

Cllr Alun Williams stated that the Civic Society would welcome a plaque in Baker Street to Leopold Kohr (economist). Cllr Jeff Smith agreed to liaise with the Civic Society.


11   Aberystwyth Town Council’s Web Page and IT infrastructure.

Cllr Kevin Roy Price agreed to submit a report to the next meeting of General Management Committee on:

(a)  Is council’s equipment up to specification ?

(b)  Is council’s equipment secure ?

(c)  Cllr Prices recommendation on what is required.

There is a need to give the website manager parameters – not micromanage it.


12  Outstanding Issues

Market Traders in St James Square Banner which also displays the Town Crest looks very tatty. Cllr Ceredig Davies to take this matter up with the market Hall traders.


13   CCC Leadership Group.

Cllr Alun Williams asked those present what their views were on the underwriting of the 2015 Cycle Fest. Would Aberystwyth Town Council fund it? Council’s contribution on 2014 was £10K. Cllr Mererid jones asked what type of event was being planned and that council needed further information from Cyclefest and Ceredigion County Council before deciding.


14   Insurance.

Members were informed that they are currently covered up to £250.000 for libel with a 10% excess.


Matters Arising from Minutes:

3   Lease:   Cllr Ceredig Davies stated that council needed to make a decision about the signing off of the lease. Members resolved to accept the contents of the lease and instruct council’s solicitor of this decision.

7   Christmas Tree.  Members resolved to purchase an already indentified tree.


Minute 71.


Minutes of the Finance and Establishment Committee of Aberystwyth Town Council held on Monday the 22nd of September 2014 in 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth

In attendance:

Cllr Mererid Jones

Cllr Brian Davies

Cllr Ceredig Davies

Cllr Wendy Morris-Twiddy

Cllr Brendan Somers

Cllr Kevin Price

Cllr Jeff Smith

Cllr Mark Strong

Cllr Endaf Edwards


Cllr Brenda Haines


  1. Presentation from Naomi McDonagh and Gaynor Toft from Ceredigion County Council on the work of the Night Time Economy Group, which is represented by Aberystwyth Town Council by Cllr Mair Benjamin. Aberystwyth Town Council had agreed to fund £6,000 for 2014-15 and will be discussing the allocation of the 2015-16 in the next budget round.
  2. Correspondence
    1. Friends of the National Library were unable to contribute towards the cost of the T H Parry Williams plaque on the Wern for which the Civic Society is contributing £50. It was AGREED to fund £150 from Town Council funds and to receive a quotation from Cllr Jeff Smith for the exact cost and specifications of the flag.  Sponsorship to be sought for the remainder.
    2. Letter from Penparcau Forum asking for funding for £697 to repair the WW1 memorial in the Neuadd Goffa. It was agreed to write to Penparcau Forum thanking them for pointing out this work, but that in line with Financial Regulations we would need 2-3 quotes for the work intended to be carried out. ATC to obtain the quotes.
    3. Letter from Penparcau Forum requesting funding of £660 to repair a bench by the Neuadd Goffa and paint the Notice Board outside the Co-op. They are willing to provide £220 funding therefore the costs for Aberystwyth Town Council will be £440. Again, we were reminded of our obligation to get the best value for the Council and will be seeking alternative quotations as well as asking the County Council if they have spare benches. ATC to obtain the quotes
    4. Aberystwyth is nominated for the Academy of Urbanism Award for which the Mayor will be attending the ceremony in London. The cost of the meal for 2 people is £125 & VAT. It was AGREED to fund 2 people to attend on behalf of Aberystwyth Town Council.
    5. Letter received from Wales Audit Office noting the £30 refund will be provided and that forms need to be completed according.
    6. E-mail received from BDO regarding outstanding questions on the Annual Audit process. It was noted that the Council was concerned that the audit process was slow and that we may miss the deadline of the 30th of September. The Council raised concerns about the personal nature of the letters written to Council staff from BDO and that we would be contemplating a complaint about the handling of the audit.
    7. General appeals received from both the Urdd and Shelter Cymru. It was noted that although both are good causes – we only provide funding for those who apply on Aberystwyth Town Council application form in the timescale noted for April.
    8. Letter from Natwest regarding the increase in the bank charges.
    9. E-mail received from the Kronberg Twinning group asking if they could attend the finance meeting in October. It was agreed to invite all twinning groups if they wish to attend.
  3. It was RESOLVED to accept and approve the accounts for June 2014
  4. It was RESOLVED to accept and approve the accounts for July 2014
  5. It was RESOLVED to accept and approve the accounts for August 2014
  6. Questions relating to financial matters
    1. How much had we paid Peninsula (HR specialist) in the current year? £995 & VAT for additional work and £78 per month for regular advice.
    2. E-mail from the Mayor noting that the Marine Hotel had been booked for the Senior Citizen Dinner. It was agreed that the cost would be £3 per head for senior citizens and £16.95 per head for councillors. A maximum attendance of 120 people was agreed. It was further agreed that we would only advertise once in the Cambrian News (not twice as in previous years).
    3. Cllr Wendy Morris-Twiddy wanted to investigate the possibility of the town becoming a “Warm Heart” town with the possibility of having a defibrillator kept in the office in case of emergencies.
    4. Cllr Ceredig Davies gave an update on the Christmas lights situation as it is difficult to obtain quotes without knowing the scope of the work involved.
  7. Staffing matters
    1. It was resolved to take advice from Peninsula about reorganising the staffing structure and investigate the possibility of rationalising the office.
    2. We discussed that the terms of the new clerk (to be ratified by Full Council) would be suggested to start at 25 hours per week – 20 hours of regular office hours, 3 hours for meetings on Monday and 2 hours floating for external meetings.
    3. It was AGREED that the rate of pay would be in line with SLCC and NALC agreement of the benchmark rate for a LC2 town – NJC30 –NJC34 – (£25,727 - £28,922) This will also need to be ratified by Full Council..
    4. It was AGREED that the office would be closed for 2 weeks in the summer and that this would come out the Clerk’s holiday entitlement.
    5. It was AGREED not to advertise until the new structure had been agreed.


Financials to be presented to the Full Council - 29/9/2014



















Cllr Brendan Somers







Carl Williams


Inkwells stationery





Carl Williams







Carl Williams


Laminators and Diary





Carl Williams


Worked 21/7/14 to 19/9/14





Carl Williams


Lunch during Urban Award visit





Guto Jones


Translation Bronglais Public Meeting





Aber Electronics


PA system - Bronglais meeting





Cambrian News


Advert- Bronglais Public meeting





New Schools (Penweddig)

Hire of venue for Bronglais meeting







Office stationery







New office phone














Office stationery







Office stationery





Lowri Schiavone


Translating June minutes





Columbine Flowers


Bouquet of flowers for Hafan y Waun





Columbine Flowers


Bouquet of flowers for Lucy Huws





Aberystwyth Lawn Tennis Club

Annual Grant





Francis Sant


Skateboard park further work





Konica Minolta


Credit for photocopier





Pitney Bowes


Franking Machine costs





Pitney Bowes


Franking Machine costs





Afan Construction Ltd


Hire of container 09/8/14 -7/11/14





Dr Karen Kemish


OH for J O Griffiths -11/8/14





Dr Karen Kemish


OH for J O Griffiths -18/8/14





Dr Karen Kemish


OH for J O Griffiths -1/9/14





J O Griffiths


Travel Claim





Care Society


Grass cutting in the maze





Carmarthen County Council

August Wages













Matters Arising.

2  (c) Penparcau Forum. Mistakes in wording ?????

2  (d) Academy of Urbanism Awards. Expenses agreed were to include accommodation.

6  (c) “Warm Hearts” Need to speak to 24hr-SPAR since defribulator needs to be accessed at all times. Encourage local groups from the town to be trained up. It was agreed that Cllr Wendy Morris-Twiddy should look at the costs.


Minute 72

Planning Applications.   NONE.

Minute 73.