Aberystwyth Council





Cllr Brenda Haines

Cllr Ceredig Davies

Cllr Lucy Huws

Cllr Mair Benjamin

Cllr Alun Williams

Cllr Brendan Somers

Cllr Mererid Jones

Cllr Sarah Bowen

Cllr Wendy Morris

Cllr Endaf Edwards

Cllr Steve Davies

Cllr Jeff Smith

Cllr Brian Davies


Cllr Kevin Roy Price

Cllr Dylan Lewis


Minute 117.

Declaration of Interest on matters arising from the agenda.


Minute 118.

Personal references.



Minute 119.

Mayoral Activity Report

A report of the Mayors engagements between the last full meeting of council and the current date was circulated to members. The Mayor gave a brief verbal report on her visit to out twin town of Kronberg.


Minute 120.

Minutes of a meeting of Full Council held on Monday 24th November 2014.

Minute 121.

Matters arising from minute 120.

Minute 114. ---  Members resolved to remove the word “steering group” from the minute.

The minutes were approved.


Minute 122.




Cllr Jeff Smith

Cllr Ceredig Davies

Cllr Steve Davies

Cllr Sue Jones-Davies

Cllr Mererid Jones

Cllr Alun Williams

Cllr Lucy Huws

Cllr Kevin Roy Price


Cllr Endaf Edwards

Cllr Brenda Haines

Cllr Dylan Lewis

Cllr Wendy Morris

Cllr Mark Strong


In the absence of the Chair Cllr Endaf Edwards, Cllr Jeff Smith the Deputy Chair conducted the meeting.


  • Correspondence:
  • A letter from Alan Southerby, Interim Development Manager at Ceredigion County Council, stated that is was not possible to attend the meeting on December 1st, but offered the possibility of organising a meeting in the New Year.
    It was resolved to accept the offer of a meeting, if it was to be held early in the year, but if time constraints prevented this then Aberystwyth Town Councillors were willing to meet with planning officers in Aberaeron.
  • A notice of public consultation for the draft Mid Wales Joint Transport plan 2015-2020, including a meeting in Aberystwyth on 9/12/14. Councillors were encouraged to attend.
  • Decision notices:
    A140576: High Lea, Southgate: Permission granted
    A140620: NatWest Bank: Permission refused
    A140688: Clyde House, Queens Road: Permission granted
    A140674: Dominos, Alexander Road: Permission refused
  • Notification of an appeal lodged by Dominos, Alexander Road against the refusal of A140674
  • The papers for Ceredigion County Council’s Planning Committee on 12/11/14


  • Planning Applications:
    A140792/A140793: Belle Vue Royal Hotel, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth: No objection

A140820: 8 Lloyds Pharmacy, North Parade, Aberystwyth: Objection due to loss of bilingualism. The proposal reduces the prominence of the Welsh language, and the sign above the door does not reflect the contact address i.e. 8-10 Sgwar Owain Glyndŵr.
A140839: Bach Y Rhew, Rhydyfelin. Not within Aberystwyth Town Council’s remit.

A140841: 21 Terrace Road: Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes this application. No objection.

A140843: The Tollgate, Piercefield Lane: Strong objection. The proposal is an over-development of the site and does not follow the original and granted outline planning permission on this site. Objections also on the grounds of increased traffic flow in the Piercefield Lane area, and Aberystwyth town council calls for further traffic assessments. Aberystwyth Town Council calls for an ecological study before planning permission is granted, and also for a Welsh language assessment due to the fragility of the Welsh language in the area. Aberystwyth Town Council also has concerns regarding the loss of the public house if the proposal was extended further, which would be a loss of a community amenity. Aberystwyth Town Council also has concerns as to the amount of space allocated to car parking.

A140845: Dental Practice, 23 Portland Street, Aberystwyth: Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes this application. No objection

A140848: 1 Stanley Terrace, Aberystwyth: Aberystwyth Town Council has concerns over the turning area into Poplar Row, and whether this could have consequences for on-street parking. Aberystwyth Town Council would support a roof in-keeping with the conservation area.

A140905: Aberystwyth Town Football Club, Park Avenue, Aberystwyth.
Aberystwyth Town Council is supportive of the proposals, but require a local letting policy as a condition. Aberystwyth Town Council would like to see the softening of the build with landscaped greenery, and believes that mitigation measures will be required for noise and lights associated with use of the sports pitch.

The minutes were approved.


Minute 122.


Minutes of General Management Committee Meeting held in the Meeting Room, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth on Monday 8th December 2014 at 6.30pm


In attendance:            Cllr Ceredig Davies

                                    Cllr Mair Benjamin

                                     Cllr Kevin Roy Price

                                    Cllr Wendy Morris

                                    Cllr Alun Williams

                                    Cllr Mark A Strong

                                    Cllr Brendan Somers

                                    Cllr Mererid Jones

                                    Cllr Jeff Smith

                                    Cllr Endaf Edwards

                                    Cllr Brenda Haines

                                    Cllr Sue Jones Davies


  Apologies:                 None


4 Correspondence

*Email from DI Richard Yellan acknowledged e-mail regarding hacking of Mrs Griffiths private account. Enquiry still ongoing. Cllr Mark Strong suggested the Staffing Panel should deal with this matter.

*Aberystwyth Silver Band requested a good quality copy of Town Crest.

*Recycling kerbside collections consultation link on County Council website, all councils have to improve by 2016.



5 Office update:

Landlord agreed to back-date lease to November 2014. 10 year lease with 5 year break. Lease to be signed by Mayor after this meeting

6 Tree planting

 John Haglow asked if he could plant trees near Skateboad Park.

7 Great Town Award

Support to place certificate in Town Library for 2015. Investigate putting banner up in January. Councillor Morris to follow up. Street celebration to be held in Baker Street possibly in conjunction with the Farmers Market. Councillor K R Price to integrate award information on the Council letterheads.

8 Allotments update

Paul Arnold eager to transfer C.C.C. to A.T.C. allotments. Re Clarach Road: At University hosted meeting Mark Taylor was unaware of the project, another meeting to be held 13th January 2015 and a report will follow.

9 Christmas Celebrations

Christmas lights switch on was very successful with crowds up on previous year. Marshalling, frozen queen, lantern parade and work- shops all went well. Round Table present and Santa, all in all a successful event

10 Projects to be considered as part of budget setting for 2015-16

A sum of £10,000 required to maintain flower beds around the town, referred to Finance. Other issues arising from County Council cut-backs to be discussed as and when they arise. Cycle weekend support for a scaled down event.

11 Outstanding Matters

Cllr Ceredig Davies unable to attend next meeting of the committee. Councillor Shewring will act as Chair in his absence.

Minute 6 --- Amendment:  “Mr John Haglow” should read “Mr John Hadlow”.

The minutes were approved.


Minute 123.




Cllr Mererid Jones

Cllr Alun Williams

Cllr Brian Davies

Cllr Ceredig Davies

Cllr Endaf Edwards

Cllr Sue Jones-Davies

Cllr Kevin Roy Price

Cllr Mark Strong (item 3 onwards)


Cllr Brenda Haines

Cllr Brendan Somers

Cllr Wendy Morris

Cllr Mair Benjamin


1          Declaration of interest

Alun Williams declared a personal interest on services that could be transferred from Ceredigion County Council.      

2          Correspondence.

  • Correspondence from Ceredigion County Council regarding: -
    1. Playground – It was AGREED that Aberystwyth Town Council to take on a 12 month lease on Penparcau and Cae Bach Plascrug playgrounds subject to obtaining maintenance and safety quotes from Ceredigion County Council and other external providers. It was noted that there would be no lease cost, but we may need to look at capital expenditure long term.
    2. Flower bed – It was AGREED to fund services requested by Ceredigion County Council for the sum of £19,654 subject to re-allocation of flowers to the Penparcau area.
  • Baker Street lease – Invoice had been received for the period 28th March 2013 to 8th of November 2014 which was charged at 50% of the annual lease cost of £15,000. Another invoice was received for the period from 8th of November 2014 to 31st of March 2015 and it was agreed to pay this invoice. It was AGREED that Cllr Ceredig Davies would contact Morris Bates to state that we would not be paying for the period prior to the 8th of November 2014 as we were not occupying the first floor and due to the considerable building work during the period.
  • Hermann Ethé plaque - A quotation for £1,295 & VAT had been received from James Memorial for the plaque as it would need to be in granite on the floor. The consensus was that a plaque on the floor would not be suitable and it would be better placed on the wall of the parking in the Morlan. It was AGREED to contact the Morlan to get permission. It was further AGREED that in line with Financial Procedures, a second quotation would be sought from a provider in Aberaeron. It was also decided to contact Pod Clare to investigate the potential of a mural indicating what happened – which may result in the need for less work and make it more of an unique proposition.

3          Questions relating to financial matters

  • IT infrastructure – Kevin discussed changing the current internet provider from BT and expanding what was on offer. It was RESOLVED to delegate the matter for further discussion between Cllr Kevin Price and Cllr Mererid Jones subject to cost not exceeding £100 per month.
  • Funding for the Arts – Cllr Sue Jones-Davies asked whether we would be providing grants for the arts such as the Arts Centre in future. It was noted that all organisations could submit a bid for work which could be demonstrated to be of benefit to Aberystwyth & Penparcau residents.
  • External funding – it was noted that we needed to keep an eye for opportunities to get further grants for the Town Council.
  • Remembrance day – Cllr Mark Strong asked for the word “stuff” to be removed from the accounts.

4          Accounts for November 2014

            The accounts for November 2014 were approved.

5          Christmas Costs

It was noted that senior citizen had created £402 of income and costs would amount to £2,154 for food and £200 advertising costs.

It was noted that the Christmas Tree had been damaged twice. The first time the individuals were due to contribute a refund of the £696 costs incurred via the Court.  The individuals responsible for the damage on the second time had not been identified and costs would have to be incurred by the Town Council.

Matters arising from the minutes

Lease:   Cllr Ceredig Davies had received an invoice relating to the lease. Matters relating to the lease should now be addressed by the Mayor.

Flowers:  The cost of providing flowers in the town should be considered by Aberystwyth Town Council in relation to other expenditure.

Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch:  Cllr Mair Benjamin remarked on the number of empty seats at the function although all tickets had been sold. The councillor suggested that next year a waiting list be prepared and tickets allocated on cancelations. The Mayor commented that the empty seats could have been as a result of illness by those who intended to be present.


The minutes were approved.


Minute 124.

  1. Penparcau Forum: A letter from Penparcau Forum indicated that they did not

      wish to have Aberystwyth Town Councillors elected to be part of the Forum.

      Cllr Mererid Jones supported the goals of the Forum but council could not

      continue to fund the Forum without any accountability to the Aberystwyth

      Council Tax Payer. Cllr Ceredig Davies stated that any future funding needed

      to be debated.

  1. BDO: The Aberystwyth Town Council – Audit for the year ended

      31st March 2014 by BDO was presented and approved by members. Although

      the Castle Playground should be considered as an asset Cllr Mererid Jones

      was of the opinion that it was not an asset in real terms. Cllr Ceredig Davies

      commented that in his opinion it was a liability.

  1. Cynghrair Cymunedau Cymraeg: An e-mail confirming the Annual General

      Meeting of Cynghrair Cymunedau Cymraeg on 17th January 2015 was read to

  1. The Mayor indicated that she would welcome delegates at
  2. 30am on the day.
  3. Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation: Copies were circulated to members

      who were informed that additional information could be found on the Welsh

      Government website.

  1. Street Light: An e-mail from a resident of Felin y Mor Road complained

      about a defective street light. The office was to respond indicating that

      since this road was still un-adopted the responsibility to rectify the problem

      remained with the site developer.

  1. RIDE magazine: Members were shown an article from the January 2015

      edition which included a photograph of a magazine member on Aberystwyth

  1. Financial Support: A response to a request for financial support from a

      Mr Stuart Hampton should inform him to make a formal application in

      April 2015.


Minute 125.

Questions relating only to matters in this councils remit.

Cllr Mark Strong indicated that he wished to resign as a member of the War Memorial Trust Committee. Cllr Wendy Morris was nominated to undertake this role.


Minute 126.

Finance :  To consider expenditure:

Accounts presented for December 2014

Carmarthenshire County Council Salaries for Nov & Dec 2014 £1697.44
Konica Minolta   £1460.89
Barkers rent 8/11/14 – 26/3/15 £6817.80
Cllr Kevin Roy Price Computer Expenses £12.99
Y Lolfa Stationary £6.95
TME Electrical Contracting Christmas Lights £696.00
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion Premises Licence £70.00
Cllr Brenda Haines Legal Fee £5.00
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion Award Ceremony £150.00
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion Lease of land at 5th Ave Penparcau £295.00
Carmarthenshire County Council Salaries for Nov & Dec 2014 £1697.44
Konica Minolta Printing (lease and supplies) £1460.89
Barkers Rent 8/11/14 – 26/3/15 £6817.80
Cllr Kevin Roy Price Computer Expenses £12.99
Y Lolfa Stationary £6.95
TME Electrical Contracting   £696.00
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion Premises Licence £70.00
Cllr Brenda Haines Legal Fee £5.00
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion Award Ceremony £150.00
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion Lease of land at 5th Ave Penparcau £295.00
E. Carl Williams Wages £450.00
Viking Direct Printer cartridge & stationary £204.11
Afan Construction   £312.00
Les Davies Penparcau Christmas Tree £150.00
Cambrian Trees Aberystwyth Christmas Tree £600.00
E. Carl Williams Recorded delivery & stationary £19.06

The accounts were agreed and approved.

Cllr Mererid Jones indicated that invoices had not been received from the Marine Hotel or Sgarmes for the recent Senior Citizens Dinner.


Minute 127.

Verbal reports from Ceredigion County Councillors on matters only pertaining to this council.


Minute 128.

Written reports from representatives to outside bodies.

Cllr Mererid Jones presented a report relating to the Aberystwyth Frondeg Growing – Spaces meeting held on 11th November 2014.


Minute 129.

To consider the Welsh Index of Multiple Depravation (At the request of Cllr Mererid Jones).

The following information was presented to council by Cllr Mererid Jones:

            The Welsh Government has published on the 26th of November 2014 and outlined where each area in Wales ranked from 1 being the most deprived and 1909 being the least deprived:-


            Central Ward, North Ward and Rheidol 1 have improved – mainly due to employment improved Income accounts for 23.5% of the overall score and focussed on the number of the population in receipt of benefits. Penparcau and Rheidol 2 have therefore seen an increase in eligibility for tax credits.

Employment also accounts for 23.5% of overall score which is mainly based on a percentage of working age population in receipt of Employment related benefit.  It is therefore likely that any changes in income category will also have an impact on employment and both account for 47% of the score.

Health accounts for 14% of overall score – and looks at indicators like low weight births, long term illness and cause of death.  Overall, no ward in Ceredigion is in the top 10% and overall the pattern is strong, although worsening.

Education accounts for 14% of overall score and looks at Key Stage 4 result, absenteeism, no qualification and not entering Higher Education.   In most wards, the results have worsened and could be due to

On a town wide basis – all wards have worsened in terms of Access to Services.  Access to Services is defined as the travel time for main services such as food, GP, Schools, Petrol Stations etc. There has been a change in basis since 2011 and private transport has now been included. Due to the fact that a high level of homes in Aberystwyth do not have a car – this has impacted badly on the result.

Physical environment accounts for 5% - an includes proximity to waste tips, flood risk and air quality. Penparcau 2 and Rheidol 2 borders the

Housing accounts for 5%, and has improved in all wards with the exception of Rheidol, but given the low multiple – has not had a major impact on the score.

Please note that the areas are as follows: -

Rheidol 1 – Harbour

Rheidol 2 – Trefechan and Greenfield Street

Penparcau 2 – Heol Tynyfron to Southgate – Cae Job & Heol Dinas – Brynystwyth & Ty cam

Penparcau 1 – Maesheli &Avenues & Maesmaelor

Penglais accounts for North Ward and part of Faenor ward which includes Pentre Jane Morgan.



Council to note the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation and to draft an action plan on what could be done to improve the deprivation in future. Cllr Jones’

suggestion to meet with other organisations to look at and understand the stats was also agreed.





Minute 130.

Aberystwyth Cycle Fest.

Members had been circulated with the background to the Cycle Fest by Cllr Mererid Jones who recommended to continue funding the event and to underwrite a maximum of £10.000 against the shortfall of the costs. Cllr Ceredig Davies suggested that this should be viewed in line with next year’s budget.

Cllr Alun Williams commented that this was an important event and should be passed to the Finance Committee for further consideration.


Minute 131.

Staffing Committee.

Cllr Mererid Jones tendered her resignation from this committee. The Mayor thanked Cllr Jones for her contribution to the staffing committee. Members were asked to consider a replacement by the next meeting of full council.


Minute 132.

Office Cover.

The Mayor and Cllr Brendan Somers agreed to secure office cover between

16th January 2015 and 2nd February 2015 (Both dates inclusive)


             Minute 133.

Staffing Matters.

The Mayor read the following declaration to members:- To consider that under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings)Act 160 ( as extended by s.100 a (4) of the Local Government Act 1972), the public and accredited representatives of newspapers be excluded from the meeting for the following item of business  on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt business in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972. The nature of the exempt business is relating to a legal and confidential staffing matter.

Members elected to go into committee.