Aberystwyth Council




Cllr Brenda Haines

Cllr Mererid Jones

Cllr Ceredig Davies

Cllr Martin Shewring

Cllr Alun Williams

Cllr Mair Benjamin

Cllr Steve Davies

Cllr J. A. Davies

Cllr Brian Davies

Cllr Endaf Edwards

Cllr Lucy Huws

Cllr Brendan Somers

Cllr Wendy Morris


Cllr Sue Jones-Davies

Cllr Mark Strong

Minute 154.

Declaration of Interest on matters arising from the agenda.


Minute 155.

Personal references.


Minute 156.

Mayoral Activity Report.

A report of the Mayor’s engagements between the last full meeting of council and the current date was circulated to members.

Minute 157.

Minutes of a Full Council held on Monday 23rd January 2015.

Minute 158.

Matters arising from the minutes.

Minute 143.

(2) “Hermann Ethé Plaque” :- Cllr Mererid Jones reported that council was still awaiting a second quotation for the work from Llanbrynmair.

(4) Great Town Award: -  Monday 4th May 2015 has been agreed as the date to celebrate the award.

(5b) Playgrounds :- Council was awaiting a response from Mr Paul Arnold of CCC regarding the potential cost of maintenance of the playground.

(8a) Heol Plashelyg Bus Stop:- Council was awaiting a second quotation for the bus stop. It was noted that the bus stop in Mill Street had been damaged by contractors.

(8e) Christmas lights: - Cllr Jeff Smith reminded members that the Christmas Group needed more input and members.

Minute 146.

(b) Damage to Christmas Tree :- Council awaiting apology letters from two of the individuals involved with damaging the tree.

(h) Scarlets: - The proposed visit of the Scarlets to Aberystwyth did not take place.


The minutes were accepted subject to the foregoing additions.


Minute 159.



Minutes of a meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 2nd February 2015 at 6:30pm

Cllr Jeff Smith
Cllr Brian Davies
Cllr Sue Jones-Davies
Cllr Kevin Price
Cllr Steve Davies
Cllr Lucy Huws

Cllr Endaf Edwards
Cllr Brenda Haines
Cllr Ceredig Davies
Cllr Mererid Jones
Cllr Alun Williams
Cllr Wendy Morris
Cllr Mark Strong

It was resolved that in the absence of the Chair (Cllr Endaf Edwards), the Vice-Chair (Cllr Jeff Smith) would chair the meeting

  • Correspondence:

    Decision notices:
    A140845 – permission granted
    A130351 – disposed of article 25(11)A
    A130330 – withdrawn
    A140882 – refused
    A140102 – approved, subject to conditions.Councillors expressed disappointment that comments by Aberystwyth Town Council regarding use of the Welsh language and the correct address did not appear to have been taken into account, and it was RESOLVED to write to Ceredigion County Council to raise concerns.

    Licencing matters:
    Lip Lickin Chicken, 40 Pier Street: enforcement notice issued for exceeding the agreed opening hours
    Istanbul Kebab and Burger Bar, 50 Terrace Road: Enforcement notice issued for exceeding the agreed opening hours
  • Planning Applications


A140929: 13 Northgate Street: Change of Use of ground floor flat to shop A1 use:
No objection. ATC welcomes the increased number of shops in Northgate Street


A150026: 59 Maesheli, Penparcau: Proposed two storey extension to dwelling:
No objection

A141002: Bryn Deryn, 2 Elm Tree Avenue: Change of Use of 5 bed HMO to office at ground floor and 2 no. flats at first floor and second floor:
No objection


A141022: National Library of Wales: Change of roof form and the associated location of air handling plant on the roof for the proposed Courtyard Infill project:
No objection


A150018: National Library of Wales: Installation of Photovoltaic panels on the roof of the existing TLB Bookstack and on the roof of the proposed Courtyard Infill building:
No objection

The name of Cllr Mair Benjamin should be included in the apologies.

Members RESOLVED to accept the minutes.

Minute 160.


Minutes of a General Management Committee Meeting held in the Meeting Room, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth on Monday 9th February 2015 at 6.30pm.


Cllr Ceredig Davies

Cllr Mair Benjamin

Cllr Brenda Haines

Cllr Martin W. Shewring

Cllr Mark A. Strong

Cllr Endaf Edwards

Cllr Brendan Somers

Cllr Wendy Morris

Cllr Steve Davies

Cllr Kevin Roy Price

In Attendance:

Cllr Mererid Jones

Mrs Julie Morgan (Menter Aberystwyth)

James Wallace (Menter Aberystwyth)


Cllr Sue Jones-Davies

1     Declaration of Interest:

Cllr Mark Strong................Allotment issues and personal interest in Menter Aberystwyth.

2     Summer Entertainment:

The Chair welcomed both Mrs Julie Morgan and James Wallace to the meeting to participate in preparing a programme of Summer Entertainment in Aberystwyth for 2015.

The Chair informed those present that the Bandstand would not be available for this year and that alternative venues should be sought.

Venues suggested included the Old College, Old Boots Store, Côr y Castell and the hiring of a Pagoda.

James Wallace explained that artists expected to perform the same every year and this is an opportunity to do something different.

It was agreed that council should go for quality and not quantity.

Cllr Mark Strong asked if it was possible to stage more events on the beach.

Menter would check on the availability of venues.

£5,000 budget is in place and delegated authority given to Menter to come up with a plan.

Cllr Mererid Jones would provide dates of other events taking place.

3   Great Town Celebrations:

Cllr Brenda Haines suggested a party in Owain Glyndwr Square.

A banner has been ordered.

May 4th 2015 has been scheduled as the date of the event

Meeting to take place on Tuesday 17th February 2015 to discuss matters further.

“Davies the Jeweller” Terrace Road has offered to display award in his shop window.

4   Correspondence:

(a) A letter from Ceredigion County Council stated that a meeting would take place on 27th February2015 at 10.00am to discuss flags on the Promenade.

Cllrs Brenda Haines and Kevin Roy Price were nominated to represent Aberystwyth Town Council.

(b) Air Cadets A letter informed members that the Aberystwyth Air Cadets would be celebrating their 75th anniversary in 2016.

At their quarterly meetings Cllr Martyn Shewring would represent council. Cllr Ceredig Davies would assist with road closures and Cllr Wendy Morris would contact the Air Cadets re a Carnival Float.

5   Skateboard Park.

Members were informed of the disappointing news that the Big Lottery Grant bid had failed and a recommendation was made to reapply in the future. This would require the approval from Full Council but consideration needs to be given to potentially reviewing the project.

In the interim period remedial work needs to be undertaken on the current site. Cllr Ceredig Davies had received a quotation of £380 + VAT from the Care Society to undertake the work. It was recommended that the work be carried out immediately.

Cllr Martin Shewring would go and inspect the park on behalf of council.

A Press Release should be prepared indicating the loss of the bid and councils future intentions.

6   Play Area.

Council was still awaiting a draft lease from Mr Paul Arnold of Ceredigion County Council.

7  Allotments

A lease had been received from Ceredigion County Council for £1 peppercorn rent.

Included was a 10 year break clause with 6 months notice.

Cllr Martyn Shewring questioned if council would delegate responsibility to the allotment group. Cllr Mererid Jones noted that a date should be set to meet with the allotment holders. Cllr Mair Benjamin noted that photographic evidence should be taken before town council takes over.

Cllr Ceredig Davies stated that land at 5th Avenue would only be maintained if it was free.

8   North Road Park Trees.

Cllrs Alun Williams and Mark Strong noted that residents in Queens Road were concerned about the trees growing from North Road land.

Cllr Ceredig Davies had contacted Jon Hadlow of Ceredigion County Council who recommended not to prune as this would cause more pruning work in the future.

It was agreed that council would respect the view of the professional.

9   Penparcau MUGA

Cllr Steve Davies noted that lights have been left on all night.

Mr Tom Edwards had been to view and £160 plus fixing cost needed for repair. Repair work also need on one lamp. There is a need to install a flap since the weather affects the mechanism.

It was resolved that Mr Tom Edwards should invoice the council for work undertaken on an hourly basis.

10   Outstanding Matters

(a)  Lease:  The landlord is willing to accept a reduced cost of £5,500 for the period prior to the lease starting. It was agreed to refer this matter to the finance committee

(b)  Resignation of Dylan Lewis.

Dylan Lewis has tendered his resignation as a town councillor. Council will now need to advertise that there is a vacancy in the Penparcau Ward. Helen Harris of the Electoral Division of Ceredigion County Council to forward confirmation that should there be a bye-election that it can be held on the same day as the Westminster election to minimise costs.

(c)  Street Signs in Town.

Cllr Mair Benjamin noted that the new street signs had been abbreviated. Cllr Ceredig Davies noted that this was the style used.

(d)   Parêd Gwyl Dewi.

All councillors were reminded of the Gwyl Dewi Parêd at 12 noon on 28th February 2015.

(e)   Mill Street.

Work on Mill Street likely to take longer than expected. Cllr Steve Davies had received one quotation for moving the Bus Shelter. Matter referred to next week’s meeting of finance.

Matters arising.

(2) It was noted that MENTER had a meeting following a meeting with the General Management Committee to arrange Summer entertainment.

(3) Great Town Award :- The award presented to council was to be displayed in the window of John Davies’ shop in Terrace Road.


(5) Skateboard Park Project :- Cllr Ceredig Davies expressed disappointment that the grant had been turned down. He recommended that council should re-apply and to hold a meeting very soon with interested parties.

The Mayor read the letter from the Big Lottery Fund which noted the reasons for the failure of the bid.

The current park has deteriorated so badly that work needs to be carried out and an inspection procedure should be adopted from now on. Cllr Martin Shewring noted that the items removed had been introduced by the users. The wooden ramp has to be removed.

A member of the public (Olymbia Petrou) was permitted by the Mayor to address council indicating that the children of Aberystwyth had high expectations and that insufficient investment had been made in the skateboard park. Olymbia Petrou indicated her willingness to be involved with any committee formed to discuss the future of the park.

Cllr Alun Williams informed members that the trees currently being planted were funded out of the regeneration area fund.

(7) Allotments :-  Ceredigion would waive their charge of £250 for issues for the land at 5th avenue allotments. Cllr Mererid Jones proposed taking over the allotments and her proposal was resolved unanimously.

(8) North Road Park Trees :-  Cllr Alun Williams requested a site meeting to review the recommendation. He suggested Monday 9th March 2015 at 5.30pm.

10 (a) Lease :- The landlord had visited 11 Baker Street and offered to fund a new kitchen, close off the stairs to the top floor and other improvements. Members need to consider what kind of kitchen is required. He did however not approve of the windows being used for display purposes.

Correction to note £5,500 per annum for the period prior to the signing of the lease.

10(d) Parêd Gwyl Dewi :- The Parêd would start at 1pm from Cloc-y-Dre.

10(e) Mill Street :- Members were informed that Mill Street was likely to be closed again.

The minutes were RESOLVED with the foregoing amendments.

Minute 161.



Present:                      Cllr Mererid Jones

                                    Cllr Mair Benjamin

                                    Cllr Endaf Edwards

                                    Cllr Ceredig Davies

                                    Cllr Alun Williams

                                    Cllr Wendy Morris

                                    Cllr Brenda Haines

                                    Cllr Brendan Somers


Apologies:                   Cllr Brian Davies

                                    Cllr Sue Jones-Davies

                                 Cllr Mark Strong


  • Declarations of Interest

Cllr Wendy Morris and Cllr Brendan Somers declared an interest as members of the carnival committee (under point 5).


  • Correspondence
    1. Letter received from HMRC noting change in reference and change in contact point
    2. Letter from BDO stating that the 2013-14 had now been completed and that a declaration should be in the window noting that members of the public can review the accounts. It was noted that given the late timescale of the audit and additional charges that we would review the possibility of obtaining a different auditor for 2014-15.
    3. Cllr Steve Davies was meant to provide an additional quote to compare with the quotation of £1,750 received from Derek Ford Construction for moving the bus stop from Mill Street to Heol Plashelyg. It was agreed to wait for the other quotation. Cllr Alun Williams to obtain a quotation from Ceredigion County Council to carry on the work.
    4. Skateboard Park repairs – Cllr Ceredig Davies had obtained a quotation from Cymdeithas Gofal for repairs to the value of £360 to make the existing skateboard park safe. It was agreed to proceed with this expenditure.
    5. Skateboard Park application – It was agreed in General Management that we should proceed with re-submitting the application for funding. It was agreed that the Council could fund an additional £3,000 towards the cost of redrafting the application, but that this would be done after the sub-group had reviewed the application to see where changes could be made.
    6. Premises lease – Cllr Ceredig Davies had received an e-mail from the landlord offering to reduce the amount prior to the start of the lease to £5,500 per annum. This will amount to £8,900 from April to the  8th of November 2014 and is a reduction of what was originally proposed. It was agreed to proceed on this basis.
    7. MUGA – there were two issues with the coin mechanism not working and that lights had to be replaced. It was agreed to commission TME Electrical to carry out the work in line with discussion with Cllr Ceredig Davies.
    8. Aberystwyth & District Floral Society – request of £1,500 for the cost of flower event in Llanbadarn in June 2015. It was agreed to write to note that grants will be distributed in April 2015 based on applications received.
    9. St Michael’s Church – request of over £500 for the cost of running the Nightlight project. It was agreed to write to note that grants will be distributed in April 2015 based on applications received.
    10. Dyfed & Glamorgan Army Cadet Force – request for funding. It was agreed to write to note that grants will be distributed in April 2015 based on applications received.
    11. Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity – request for funding. It was agreed to write to note that grants will be distributed in April 2015 based on applications received.
    12. Ceredigion County Council – request for £6,000 for the Night Time Economy project for which Aberystwyth Town Council is a major partner. It was agreed that we would continue to fund for another year, but with close monitoring.

 Questions relating to financial matters

The Mayor raised the fact that she had been invited to Windsor to meet the Queen and will require transport for 2 people and 2 nights overnight stay. It was agreed that the Council will fund the expenditure. Cllr Alun Williams disagreed.

 Approval of the accounts for January 2015

The accounts for January 2015 were accepted and approved.

 Budget 2015-16

It was agreed to keep the precept paid by the ratepayer at the same level as 2014-15.  As there are more Band D houses, this will increase the annual precept receive by £5,000.  A press release to be drafted to explain why we had taken this decision.

It was RESOLVED that £15,000 reserves from 2014-15 would be ring fenced to fund all future allotment expenditure.

A draft budget was presented and was agreed subject to the following amendments:

  1. Twinning – keep budget to £7,500
  2. Staffing – resolved to keep to £41,000 budget
  3. Penparcau Police Station – agreed that the Chair to write to Crime Commissioner to note concern that we are funding an empty office.
  4. Support for the Arts – keep at £4,000 as for current year.
  5. Street furniture – keep at £2,000 but look to utilise better.
  6. Subscriptions – main cost is £1,413 to One Voice Wales which will need a decision in the next meeting of whether we want to remain members.

Cllr Mererid Jones was thanked for preparing the budget. 

Minute 162.


(a) A letter from Cllr Lorrae Jones-Southgate was read to members. The office would respond to Cllr Jones-Southgate’s concerns.

(b) An e-mail from Cllr Sarah Bowen requested that Mr Neil Davies address council on the proposed “Poppy Run” in October 2015. Cllr Ceredig Davies would advise Mr Davies on consulting with Ceredigion County Council.

(c) A letter of resignation was received from former Cllr Dylan Lewis. It was resolved to send a letter of thanks to Mr Lewis for his contribution to Aberystwyth Town Council.

(d) An e-mail from Ann Harris (Older People in the Community) requested that she be given the opportunity to address the next meeting of Full Council in March. Members agreed to this request.

(e) A letter from One Voice Wales requested a renewal of the annual subscription from council. This matter to be referred to the Finance & Establishment Committee.

(f) A letter from the Aberystwyth University Slacklining Club requesting a donation of £100 for two posts to carry out the activity was agreed since it was in line with the skateboard park development.

(g) A letter from Andrew Gibson requested the use of Penparcau Football Pitch on 25th April 2015 for a charity football match. Mr Gibson to be informed that permission should be obtained from Penparcau Football Club.

(h) A letter in formed members that the “Walk for Life” would take place on 26th April 2015.

(i) A letter informed members that the INTRtri  aquathlon would take place on 3rd May 2015.

(j) A letter from the National Library of Wales relating to Web Archiving was referred to Cllr Kevin Roy Price.

(k) A letter from “Race for Life” informed members that there would be a 5K and 10K race on 17th May 2015.

(l) A letter from Society of Local Council Clerks informed members of a course being held on 3rd March 2015.

Minute 163.

Questions relating only to matters in this councils remit.

Minute 164.

Finance – To consider expenditure.

Cllr Ceredig Davies noted that council had received an invoice from TME for erecting a banner. The original agreement was that the Market Traders would be responsible for the cost of the banner.

It was RESOLVED not to pay TME until this matter had been resolved with the market traders.

The following payments were approved:-

Purchase Power (Franking machine rental)................................................................................£21.54

Cllr Jeff Smith (Expenses to meeting)..........................................................................................£31.42

Ceredigion County Council (Playground checks and Christmas tree)..........................£5,194.03

One Voice Wales (Data Training)................................................................................................£45.00

TME Electrical (Repair to Christmas tree Lights)...................................................................£468.00

BDO (Audit 2013 – 14).............................................................................................................£1,482.00

E. C.Williams (Wages & stationary)...........................................................................................£352.39

Rialtos Business Solutions Ltd (Accounting package licenses).............................................£276.00

M & B Barker (Accommodation & Lease Rental 25/3/13 – 8/11/14)............................£10.686.57

Cyngor Sir Caerfyrddin (Wages – January 2015)....................................................................£920.51

Penparcau Football Club (Lights to MUGA)............................................................................£361.50

Minute 165

Verbal reports from Ceredigion County Councillors on matters only pertaining to this council.

Cllr Steve Davies noted that work was progressing on the bus-stop moved from Mill Street to Heol Plashelyg Avenue.

Cllr Davies further added that he had held a meeting with Ceredigion County Council regarding the Southgate Signs and that costings were awaited.

Minute 166

Written reports from representatives to outside bodies.


Minute 167.

Resignation of Dylan Lewis.

Office to notify the Electoral Division of Ceredigion County Council of a vacancy in Aberystwyth Town Council.


Minute 168.

To appoint the Mayor for Mayoral Year 2015 – 16.

Cllr Brian Davies proposed Cllr Endaf Edwards.

Cllr Steve Davies seconded the proposal.

There being no other nomination Cllr Endaf Edwards was appointed unanimously.


Minute 169.

To appoint the Deputy – Mayor for Mayoral Year 2015 – 16.

Cllr Alun Williams proposed Cllr Brendan Somers.

Cllr Wendy Morris seconded the proposal.

There being no other nomination Cllr Brendan Somers was appointed unanimously.

Minute 170.

Allotments at the request of Cllr Ceredig Davies.

It was RESOLVED to place this matter before the next meeting of the General Management Committee.

Minute 171.

Motion for Aberystwyth Town Council to oppose “Fracking” at the request of Cllr Jeff Smith.

Following a lengthy debate council members voted on the motion. 6 (Six) members in favour, 7 (Seven) opposed. The motion was defeated.

Minute 172.

Local Government (Wales) Bill. At the request of Cllr Alun Williams.

Cllr Alun Williams wished to highlight two issues:-

(a) Proposal for Ceredigion to be merged with Pembrokeshire.

(b) Proposal to merge Community Councils.

Cllr Williams stated that it makes no sense for the principal town of Central Wales to be placed on the outer Northern periphery of a new county that is 90 miles long. Apart from being against the interest of the people of Aberystwyth, that placement would have no regard to the Spatial Planning of Central Wales or of nation-building.

Cllr Mererid Jones suggested accepting the wording of Cllr Williams and for him to respond on behalf of council. Cllr Ceredig Davies indicated that there were concerns about additional responsibilities required on Town and Community Councils. Cllr Aled Davies suggested waiting until the outcome of the May general election.

Minute 173.

Update report on SARPA (At the request of Cllr Jeff Smith)

Cllr Smith’s report included recent developments on SARPA which included additional train times.

Minute 174.

Staffing Matters

To consider that under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (as extended by s.100 of (4) of the Local Government Act 1972), the public and accredited representatives of newspapers be excluded from the meeting for the following item of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt business in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972. The nature of the exempt business is relating to a legal and confidential staffing matter.

Members resolved to go into committee.