Aberystwyth Council




Cllr. Dr. Endaf Edwards (Mayor)

Cllr. Brendan Somers (Deputy Mayor)

Cllr. Brenda Haines

Cllr Brian Davies

Cllr. Mair Benjamin

Cllr. Mererid Jones

Cllr. Sue Jones-Davies

Cllr. Ceredig Davies

Cllr. Martin Shewring

Cllr. Steve Davies

Cllr. Kevin Price

Cllr. Jeff Smith

Cllr. Wendy Morris

Cllr. Aled Davies

Cllr. Mark Strong



Cllr. Lucy Huws


Prior to formally commencing the meeting the Mayor requested all members be up- standing to honour the memory of a former Mayor of Aberystwyth Town Council, Mrs Barbara Cole who had died recently.


Minute 44

Declaration of Interest on matter arising from the agenda

Cllr. Mererid Jones – Planning Application: A150390 and A140843.


Minute 45

Personal References

The Mayor congratulated members of the Aberystwyth Carnival Committee for a successful Carnival on Saturday 25 July.


Minute 46

Mayoral Report

A report of the Mayor’s engagements since the last meeting of Full Council was circulated to Members.


Minute 47

Minutes of Full Council held on Monday, 29th June 2015.


Minute 48

Matters arising from the minutes.

Minute 29 refers – It was proposed that papers for Full Council Meeting be forwarded via e-mail in addition to hard-copies for all Members. It was RESOLVED that this proposal be given a 3 months trial period commencing with Full Council, 28th September 2015.

Minute 41 refers - It was agreed that Aberystwyth Town Council would support the provision of a plaque dedicated to Dr Peter Edwards and request Bronglais hospital for permission to erect the plaque on their premises.

Minute 43 correspondence refers - It was RESOLVED that correspondence from Mr R.D. Briant to Council referring to Mr James Wallace of Menter be forwarded to Menter.

It was RESOLVED to accept the Minutes of Full Council for 29th June 2015 with the foregoing amendments.


Minute 49


Minutes of a meeting of a Planning Committee held in the Meeting Room, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth on Monday 6th July, 2015 at 6.30 p.m.


Cllr. Jeff Smith (Chair)

Cllr. Lucy Huws (Vice-Chair)

Cllr. Brian Davies

Cllr. Martin Shewring

Cllr. Mair Benjamin

Cllr. Kevin Price

Cllr. Sue Jones-Davies

MAYOR Cllr. Endaf Edwards (Ex-officio)

DEPUTY MAYOR Cllr. Brendan Somers (Ex-officio)



Cllr. Steve Davies

Cllr. Mark Strong



Cllr. Ceredig Davies

Cllr. Mererid Jones


  1. Declaration of Interest:



  1. Language Planning (placed on the Agenda at the request of Cllr. Mark Strong)

In the absence of Councillor Mark Strong a nine page document was presented to members containing reference to courses on planning pertaining to language held jointly between Aberystwyth University and IAITH. It was noted that the cost of the course would be £250 per day, with the possibility of attending 1, 2, 3 or 4 days. It was noted that the Council had under-spent on courses for professional development in its budget. It was asked if other bodies such as One Voice Wales could provide a similar course at less cost.

Members agreed that the office investigate whether OVW provides a similar course and at what cost? To report back to Council when a response is received.


  1. Correspondence:

(a) The Chair notified members present of the Ceredigion County Council, Development Control Committee being held in Aberaeron, on Wednesday, 8th July, 2015.

(b) Planning Application No. A150167: Shop at 4 Market Street, Aberystwyth.

Planning permission has been granted for change of use from retail shop to Bistro/coffee shop with food retail.


  1. Planning Applications

(a) Planning applications: A150395 (display of signage) and A150398 (listed building consent) – The Libertine, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. No objection. Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes the use of bilingual signage.

(b) Planning application: A150242 – Tŷ Cam, Penparcau (Chapel) – Change of use to cafe and occasional church gatherings. No objection. Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes the use of the old chapel as a hub for the community.


Matters arising from the foregoing Minutes

Item 2 – Following research by the office it was reported that OVW does not undertake a course of this nature.  It was RESOLVED that the Staffing Committee now address this matter.

It was RESOLVED to accept the Minutes with the foregoing amendment.

Minute 50


Minutes of a meeting of the General Management Committee held in the Meeting Room, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth on Monday 13th July, 2015


Cllr. Ceredig Davies (Chair)

Cllr. Brenda Haines

Cllr. Jeff Smith

Cllr. Mair Benjamin

Cllr. Wendy Morris

Cllr. Brendon Somers

Cllr. Martin Shewring

Cllr. Endaf Edwards

Cllr. Brian Davies


Cllr. Steve Davies

Cllr. Mark Strong

Cllr. Alun Williams

Cllr. Sue Jones-Davies



(a) Dŵr Cymru: a letter confirming that the Town Council have taken over the Allotment site at 5th Avenue, Penparcau.

(b) Quotation for External Notice-boards to accommodate 8 x A4 and 12 x A4 paper: It was RESOLVED to select the cabinet for 12 x A4 paper and forward to the Finance Committee for approval.

(c) Lease from Ceredigion County Council for Cae-bach play-area in Plascrug. This was passed to Full Council, to be endorsed.


Aberystwyth Fair Trade – at the request of Cllr. Mererid Jones

In Cllr. Mererid Jones’s absence this item was not addressed.


Poppy Sculpture

A meeting will be held in the Meeting Room of Town Council on 14th July, 2015 at 6 p.m. with the National Library of Wales to discuss further the application of ‘Cymru’n Cofio / Poppies Wave and Window’.



There will be a meeting of the Allotment Association on Wednesday, 15th July at 7 p.m. in the Buarth Hall. It is open to all members to attend.

It was reported that a section of land contains a spring that could be utilised to save on water. A tap is within the fences. In general the Allotment Society is policing the area themselves.

It was reported that the Willow trees are becoming overgrown; pest control is £350 + VAT; and that Council could collate all agencies that cut grass e.g. Mr R. Griffiths, Cymdeithas Gofal and CCC. It was RESOLVED to prepare plans on all areas relevant to Town Council and tender for grass cutting.



A lease for Cae-bach, Plascrug was received.

It was suggested that a photographic record of the land in question should be undertaken. It was RESOLVED that the Chair would discuss with the Mr Paul Arnold of CCC the following matters prior to the lease being signed:

(a) damaged equipment

(2) responsibility for the grass cutting.


Land at 5th Avenue

It was noted that Mr R. Griffiths who undertakes the grass cutting in this area is concerned about the dangerous nature of the rubbish deposited. It was RESOLVED to contact Mr Dave Fields of the Probation Service to address this matter.


North Road Park

Nothing to Report


Summer Entertainment

Members were in agreement that they would support the programme of events.


Bus Shelters

Repairs and work are still required and the re-location investigation is still on-going.


Christmas Lights

An updated report from the Lighting Sub-Committee was received and a proposal was made that the Council consider a further £10,000 capital investment in addition to the current budget. A further proposal was made to invite a company from Llanelli to give a presentation to the Lighting sub-committee.


Outstanding Matters

*        Bench in Great Dark-gate Street - It was proposed to ask CCC for a bench in the middle of Great Dark-gate Street to help the elderly and disabled people to sit down as they proceed up towards the clock.

*        Castle-ground Park - It was proposed that the Parks and Gardens Department of CCC to be contacted (John Hadlow) to make repairs on some of the high-level usage rubber areas of the park.

*        Street Lighting – It was proposed to pass costing figures for lighting columns to the Finance Committee.

*        Dog-fouling – Issues need to be addressed and it was suggested the Town Council could become more pro-active and research the possibility of enforcement.


Matters arising

Land at 5th Avenue – It was RESOLVED that members would address the removal of

rubbish from this area themselves.

Dog-fouling – It was RESOLVED that this matter be referred back to the General

Management Committee.

It was RESOLVED to accept the Minutes with the foregoing amendments.


Minute 51


Minutes of a meeting of the FINANCE & ESTABLISHMENTS COMMITTEE held in the Meeting Room, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth on Monday 20th July, 2015


Cllr. Mererid Jones (Chair)

Cllr. Alun Williams (Vice-chair)

Cllr. Endaf Edwards (Mayor)

Cllr. Mair Benjamin

Cllr. Wendy Morris

Cllr. Ceredig Davies

Cllr. Brian Davies

Cllr Mererid Jones

Cllr. Brenda Haines


Cllr. Mark Strong

Cllr. Brendan Somers



Cllr. Jeff Smith

Cllr. Kevin Price


  1. Declaration of Interest:


 2.      Correspondence:

  • Paul Arnold has been contacted regarding the lease for Plas-crug playground and he responded stating that until the lease has been signed – both parks will remain under County Council responsibility.
  • A letter from CCC was received enquiring if the Council would be able to receive their invoices electronically. Members agreed to this request.
  • Cllr. M. Jones would enquire for the best possible advice to ensure that Council is fulfilling their obligation for playgrounds from WPS, Peninsula and OVW.

 3.      Matters from previous meeting:

  • Skateboard Park – It was resolved for permission to be given to incur any essential maintenance work required to the park to be undertaken by Cymdeithas Gofal.
  • Internal and External Audit – A report from the Internal Auditor had been perused and the Final Audit form had been sent to the External Auditor (BDO) on the 10/7/15.
  • Hermann Ethê plaque – A photograph of the Mayor and the local member had appeared in the Cambrian News. It was suggested that special events such as this could be place on the Council website. This matter was referred to Cllr. K. Price.

 4.      Applications for funding assistance:

  • Aberystwyth Museum – Following the presentation by the Museum’s Curator requesting financial support for the Friends of Ceredigion Museum it was recommended that they apply in accordance with the Town Council’s application process for funding.
  • Allotment Association – Following a very constructive meeting between members of Council and the Allotment Association at their AGM on Wednesday, 15th July, it was recommended to purchase 20 Rat Bait Stations, for use in the allotments, following a risk assessment. Quarterly meetings will now be held between the councillors and the Allotment Committee. It was noted that a letter of thanks should be sent to the Treasurer on his retirement.
  • Office Cleaning – It was proposed to appoint a cleaner for 2 hours per week to clean the areas currently leased by the Council. It was further proposed that a budget £1,200 be set aside for this work and that an advert be place on the web-site.
  • Office Equipment – Cllr K. Price proposed procuring a 27 inch workstation for the office. It was agreed to commission further work on the present office equipment.
  • Office furniture – It was agreed to return the Council’s furniture from storage on a trial basis to ascertain if it could be accommodated in the current committee room.
  • OVW Conference – It was agreed that Cllr. Benjamin would attend the OVW Conference in Pontrhydfendigaid on Saturday, 3 October 2015 and that Cllr. M. Benjamin would be accompanied by the Clerk.
  • Mileage Allowance – It was agreed to review the mileage allowance in February 2016 in preparation for the 20016-17 Budget.


  1. Risk Assessments Schedule

The register was viewed by all members present and were requested to submit their comments and observations to the Chair of Finance by Monday 27th July.


  1. Council Asset Register

Council’s insurance and assets were discussed. It was agreed to review the current usefulness of the safe and request Cambrian Locksmiths to address the lock. Members were requested to look at the asset register and review the contents.


  1. Street Lighting

It is noted that information was received regarding the cost of additional Street Lighting.


  1. Christmas Lighting

It was proposed that the festoon lights on the promenade to be removed; that all catenery wires be tested and obtain estimates for this work and break-out boxes to be tested. It was agreed to wait until Wednesday, 22nd July when a meeting with Commercial Christmas – a specialist company would deliver a presentation to the General Management Committee.

A request from Cllr S. Davies from the Penparcau Ward that Christmas lights be placed in the memorial garden. It was agreed to explore further this request.


  1. Any other matter

It was noted that a proposal to purchase an outside notice-board be carried out and a quote was placed before the committee. It was agreed to check on the appropriate dimensions for the selected location before the order made and resolved by Council.

It was RESOLVED to accept the Minutes.


Minute 52

Planning Applications

A150391 – Aber Vaults, Thespian St., Aberystwyth : No Objection (This application supports the expansion of local business).

A150390 – Huanfa, South Gate, Aberystwyth: No Objection.

A150424 – Parc y Cae, Felin y Mor Rd.,, Aberystwyth: No Objection.

A150408 – 105, 106 Family Centre, Heol Tyn y Fron, Penparcau, Aberystwyth: No objection. (However adequate parking for staff would be appreciated. Current staffing of staff takes up local residence parking).

A140843 – Land Ajoining Tollgate, Piercefield Lane, Aberystwyth:  Objection. (Overdevelopment of the area and improvements are essential to the road. In addition provision needs to be provided for cyclists to gain access to the Ystwyth Cycle Trail.) Site Meeting Requested.

A150463 – Llanbadarn Road – Retrospective application. Objection. (The development has been completed despite objections from residence that the site is too large and despite in a conservation area UPVC windows have been installed ). Site Meeting Requested.

A150395 and A150398 (Listed Building Consent) – The Libertine, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. No Objection. (Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes the use of bilingual signage).

A150242 – Ty Cam, Penparcau Chapel, Aberyswyth: No Objection. (Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes the conversion of the old chapel for the benefit of the community).


Minute 53

Questions relating only to matters in this council’s remit.

Can council investigate minutes being bilingual.


Minute 54

Finance – To consider expenditure

Accounts for June 2015:

AEA Management Ltd

Office Rent


Columbine Florists

Floral Bouquet


Emyr Phillips

Internal Audit


WPS Insurance

Renewal of Insurance


Robert Phillips

Grass Cutting 5th Ave


Cyngor Sir Ceredigion

Printing of leaflets


Purchase Power

Postal Costs


Konica Minolta

Printing Costs


Cyngor Sir Caerfyrddin



Cllr. Mair Benjamin

OVW Travelling Expenses


Neville Bond

Penparcau Forum Costs



The accounts were approved.


Minute 55

Verbal Reports from Ceredigion County Councillors on matters only pertaining to this Council

Cllr A. Williams requested that a letter of thanks be sent to the Aberystwyth Beach Buddies for their efforts in cleaning Aberystwyth beaches. Cllr. M. Strong indicated that he had requested officers of Ceredigion County Council to address this problem and possibly fine the perpetrators.

Cllr C. Davies advised members that a Cabinet meeting of Ceredigion County Council would take place to address the future of Bodlondeb.


Minute 56

Written reports from representatives to outside bodies.

Reports from One Voice Wales and Dyfi Biosphere had been circulated to all members with the agenda.


Minute 57

It was RESOLVED to authorise the Chair/Vice-chair of the Planning Committee, the Mayor and the relevant Ward Members to address planning issues presented to Council during recess.


Minute 58

It was RESOLVED to retain the Status Quo for payment of invoices presented during recess.


Minute 59

The following members were appointed to represent Council on the Allotment Committee:

Cllr. M. Benjamin

Cllr. C. Davies

Cllr. J. Smith

Cllr. A. Williams

Clerk to the Council.


Minute 60


 Letter from The Royal British Legion thanked members of Council for attending the committee meeting on 16 July 2015.

  • E-mail from M. Birtwistle noting that the German academic Dr. M. Löffler was shortlisted for an award at the recent Celtic Media Festival in Inverness for her programme for Radio Cymru that brought the story of Dr Herman Ethê to the attention of Aberystwyth Town Council and thereby recognised by the erection of a plaque to him.
  • Letter from Ramblers Cymru requested Aberystwyth to become a Walkers are Welcome Town. It was RESOLVED to forward the letter to the General Management Committee.
  • Letter from Dŵr Cymru requested confirmation that Aberystwyth Town Council are now responsible for the property known as “NEW ALLOTMENT SITE FIFTH AVE, PENPARCAU, ABERYSTWYTH, CEREDIGION, SY23 1QT” and that future invoices be sent to Council.
  • Letter from Aberystwyth/St. Brieuc People in Partnership Association thanked Council for their annual grant.
  • An e-mail from Plas-crug, Bowling Club notified Council of their new face-book page in addition to their web-page.
  • An e-mail from CAVO notified Council of their web-page.
  • An e-mail from ewaterpower.com introduced themselves as a “Hydropower Consultancy Company.” It was RESOLVED to forward the letter to the General Management Committee.
  • Newsletter No.67, July 2015 from Cambrian Railways (SARPA) was presented to Council for viewing.
  • ‘Rheoliadau Caeau Chwarae’ - a report prepared by the Welsh Government highlighted the rules surrounding playing fields in Wales was received.
  • A letter informing members of ‘Pension Wise’ highlighting pension schemes was received from CAB.
  • A letter from U3A contained pre-retirement information leaflets for members.
  • Cantref submitted a Financial Statement for the financial year 2014-15.
  • An e-mail from Proludic Ltd informed members of their products relating to play- areas.
  • An e-mail from Macmillan Cancer Support was received.


Minute 61

Heritage Sign Old Tollgate, Penparcau

It was RESOLVED that local ward members accompanied by the local county council members meet to discuss this issue during the summer recess.