Aberystwyth Council








Present:Councillor R Boudier

Councillor S Jones-Davies

Councillor D Lewis

Councillor A Williams 

Councillor W Morris-Twiddy

Councillor M Strong

Councillor B Haines

Councillor M Jones

Councillor K Price

Councillor M Benjamin

Councillor C Griffiths

Councillor M Shewring

Councillor B Davies

Councillor J Smith

Councillor S Bowen

Councillor C Davies 

Councillor C Morgan

Councillor E Edwards

Councillor S Davies

Councillor J A Davies


All members participating in the meeting had been sworn in and had made the declaration of acceptance and to abide by the code of conduct prior to the meeting.


The outgoing Chairman opened the meeting.

  1. Election of a Chairman

Councillor Dylan Lewis

Nominated – Councillor M Strong, Seconded- Cllr Mererid Jones

Councillor M Benjamin

Nominated- Councillor Ceredig Davies, Seconded- Councillor Martin Shewring


Following a recorded vote and independent scruitiny, Councillor Dylan Lewis was elected Mayor of Aberystwyth Town Council for the forthcoming municipal year.

Councillor Sue Jones-Davies gave a vote of thanks to the outgoing chairman who was presented with a past Mayors jewel as is traditional.


  1. Apologies

There were none recorded.


  1. Election of a Deputy Chairman

Councillor Wendy Morris Twiddy

Nominated- Councillor Ceredig Davies, Seconded – Councillor Mark Strong.

There being no other nominations- Councillor Wendy Morris-Twiddy was elected as Deputy Mayor of Aberystwyth Town Council for the forthcoming municipal year.



  1. Personal References

The Mayor asked everyone to introduce themselves.


  1. Declarations of Interest for matters arising from agenda items.

The Clerk gave advice to members on this point. There were none recorded.


  1. To allocate membership to Planning committee

It was RESOLVED to elect the following members to the Planning Committee:

Cllrs M Shewring, S Bowen, S Davies, K Price, J A Davies, C Griffiths, B Davies, B Haines, S Jones-Davies, E Edwards, J Smith.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are also ex officio members of all committees.


  1. To allocate membership to Finance and Establishment Committee 

It was RESOLVED to elect the following members to the Finance and Establishment Committee:

Councillors C Davies, M Jones, C Morgan, A Williams, M Strong, B Davies, B Haines, E Edwards, J Smith.


  1. To allocate membership to General Management Committee

It was RESOLVED to elect the following members to the General Management Committee:

Councillors M Strong, C Davies, S Davies, A Williams, J A Davies, M Shewring, C Griffiths, M Benjamin, S Jones-Davies, K Price.


  1. To allocate representatives to outside bodies

Following discussion it was RESOLVED to make the following nominations:


Friends of Cardigan Bay- Kevin Price + Sue Jones-Davies ®

Citizens Advice Bureau-Endaf Edwards + Mererid Jones ®

Joseph and Jane Downie Bequest Trust-  Brenda Haines + Ceredig Davies ®

Aberystwyth Silver Band-  Mair Benjamin + Ceredig Davies ®

Aberystwyth Arts Centre-  Sue Jones-Davies + Wendy Morris-Twiddy ®

One Voice Wales-  Chris Griffiths +

Shrew/ Aber Rail Users Liaison Committee- 

UWA Court of Governors –  Mark Strong + Endaf Edwards ®

Parc Natur Penglais-  Kevin Price + Alun Williams ®

Kaya Friendship-  Sue Jones-Davies +

SBPPA-  Kevin Price + Carys Morgan ®

AKPPA-  Brenda Haines + Wendy Morris-Twiddy®

CCTV Committee –  Martin Shewring + 

Esquel Twinning-  Sue Jones-Davies + Endaf Edwards ®

Constitution Hill Board of Trustees- Mark Strong + Wendy Morris-Twiddy ®

Prom Forum-  Mair Benjamin + Sarah Bowen®

Menter Aberystwyth-  Mark Strong +

SARPA- Ceredig Davies + Jeff Smith ®

Fairtrade (Aberystwyth)-  Mererid Jones +

Young Peoples Partnership- Endaf Edwards + Mair Benjamin ®

Harbour Users Committee-  Brian Davies + Steve Davies®

GAG-  Jeff Smith + Endaf Edwards ®

War Memorial Trust-  Ceredig Davies +

Communities First- Brenda Haines  + Carys Morgan ®

Ceredigion Traffic Management Committee-  Martin Shewring + Mair Benjamin+       Wendy Morris-Twiddy + Endaf Edwards

Late Night Econ Forum)- Mair Benjamin +

St Padarns School Governors-  Martin Shewring

Llwyn yr Eos School Governors-  Brenda Haines

Plasgrug School Governors – Steve Davies

Ysgol Gymraeg-  Endaf Edwards


  1. To nominate representatives onto staffing panel.

The following members were elected to serve on the staffing panel:

Councillors Brian Davies, Mererid Jones and Aled Davies.


  1. To review standing orders

The Clerk reported to members that Standing Orders had recently been updated and following a brief discussion it was RESOLVED to accept the current Standing Orders without change.


  1. To review Financial regulations

This matter was deferred to the first meeting of the forthcoming Finance and Establishment Committee meeting to allow members a chance to read and understand the regulations. The Clerk advised that this exercise had been recently carried out and that it was not of vital importance that it be done at this meeting.


  1. To review an inventory of land and assets

It was RESOLVED to defer this point to the next meeting of the General Management committee.


  1. To review membership to other bodies

The Clerk advised that this matter had been comprehensively covered in item 9 above and there were no additional memberships to consider at this time.


  1. To review the Councils complaints procedure.

The Clerk reported to members that the Councils Complaints procedure had recently been updated by adopting the National Model as supplied to public bodies in Wales and following a brief discussion it was RESOLVED to accept the current procedure without change.


  1. To discuss training opportunities / dates.

Dates for forthcoming training opportunities were distributed and members were asked to respond to the office at their earliest convenience to enable bookings to be made.


  1. To review councils policy for dealing with the press / media

This matter was deferred to a future date to be determined.


  1. To review the Councils insurance cover in respect of all risks

The Clerk reported to members that this exercise had recently been conducted and was subject to an ongoing annual audit. It was RESOLVED to await the audit report.


  1. Clerks Report

The Clerk had nothing specific to report to members except that the office was there to work for council corporate and not for individual members. Having said that the office was always open for help and advice on all matters.


  1. Urgent Correspondence.

There was none to consider.


  1. Future meetings

A calendar of meetings had been circulated to all members prior to the meeting.