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Wellbeing Plan


Byw’n dda yn Aberystwyth


 Cymraeg yn dod yn fuan



National Context

The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 is about improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of Wales both now and in the future.

To make sure that all public bodies are working towards the same vision, the Act puts in place seven wellbeing goals:

  1. A prosperous Wales
  2. A resilient Wales
  3. A healthier Wales
  4. A more equal Wales
  5. A Wales of cohesive communities
  6. A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language
  7. A globally responsive Wales


And encourages five ways of working in order to achieve these goals:

  • Long-term: balancing short term and long-term needs by thinking ahead beyond at least a decade.

Whilst in receipt of an annual precept, the Council is very aware of balancing short and long-term goals in its budgeting and planning. It provides annual funding for community groups and routine maintenance of parks and playgrounds etc in order to meet immediate need, but also has long term objectives such as park improvements, tree planting and purchasing a civic building for Aberystwyth residents.


  • Prevention: prevent problems by looking at the root cause.

The Council provides green spaces and playgrounds to support current and future wellbeing. All projects developed, and supported, by the Council consider the wellbeing of residents and the prevention agenda. Scrutiny of partner developments and planning applications in the context of community wellbeing also provides an opportunity to influence the prevention agenda. 

  • Integration: consider the impact of the well-being goals on the objectives of other partners

The Town Council works in partnership with, and is represented on, approximately 30 groups and organisations as well as supporting many others through its community grant scheme.  It works closely with Ceredigion County Council, the main deliverer of services, on various projects (all green spaces managed by the Town Council are leased from Ceredigion County Council) and County Councillors provide regular reports. The Town Council reports to the Ceredigion Public Service Board on its Wellbeing Plan.

  • Collaboration: work with partners to achieve the well-being objectives.

Partnership working is integral to the Council’s work and the Council works closely with organisations such as Advancing Aberystwyth on the economic regeneration of the town centre and with groups such as Greener Aberystwyth, Parc Natur Penglais and Plastic Free Aberystwyth to achieve environmental enhancements.

  • Involvement: involve people with an interest in achieving the well-being goals, and ensure

           that those people reflect the diversity of the area which the body serves.


The Council has engaged, and is engaging, with the community to ensure projects such as Parc Kronberg and North Road Park are fit for purpose.  The Council is the key enabler of developing a Place Plan for Aberystwyth which involves developing an engagement programme.   The Council also engages regularly with organisations and partners through the various official partnerships, and councillors hold surgeries within their wards.



Local context

Aberystwyth town has a diverse population of just over 13,000 with an increase in the population of approximately 8000 students during term time. 


Aberystwyth Town Council consists of 19 elected councillors who represent Bronglais, North, Central, Rheidol and Penparcau wards.


As of December 2018, the Town Council employs two members of staff, a Clerk and Deputy Clerk, whilst the 19 town councillors are unpaid.  The Mayor is the civic head and representative of the Council and chairs the monthly full council meeting.  The official committees of the Council are Planning, General Management and Finance and Establishments.


The Town Council receives an annual precept (£327,901 in 2018-19) which it uses to deliver projects and services.  Although it does not provide services to the same extent as the County Council (which is responsible for statutory services such as education, social services, highways, environmental health and housing), as the largest Town and Community council in Ceredigion Aberystwyth has a duty to report what it is doing to meet the above goals. 


Aberystwyth Town Council is therefore delighted to present to you its Wellbeing Plan for 2018-19: Byw’n dda yn Aberystwyth.

















GOAL1: A prosperous Wales


An innovative productive and low carbon society which recognises the limits of the global environment and therefore uses resources efficiently and proportionately (including acting on climate change): and which develops a skilled and well-educated population in an economy which generates wealth and provides employment opportunities, allowing people to take advantage of the wealth generated through securing decent work.


In a nutshell: this goal aims to bring an end to poverty with decent education, training and jobs for everyone in an economy that does not rely on using natural resources faster than the earth can replenish them.





A prosperous Aberystwyth

The Town Council aims to support the local economy to the best of its abilities and powers and is proud to have achieved the following:

  • Events: The Town Council offers annual grants to community groups, initiatives and events. Through funding for the Farmers’ Market it has supported farmers and the rural community whilst at the same time enhancing Aberystwyth’s visitor experience. The fishing community has been supported through financial support for the Sea2Shore festival which has proved popular with visitors and locals alike. Other events that have been supported financially include Cyclefest and the St David’s Day Parade, both of which are seen as attracting people to the town whilst at the same time strengthening Aberystwyth’s identity.
  • Christmas lights: The Town Council has provided Christmas lights for many years and sees Christmas not only as an opportunity to provide pleasure for the people of Aberystwyth and visitors, but also as a way of boosting the local winter economy.  Christmas 2016 saw the lighting up of the trees along North Parade for the first time whilst Christmas 2017, in partnership with Advancing Aberystwyth ar y Blaen, saw more lights, the lighting up of the town clock and the return of the small trees above shop fronts.  Christmas 2018 saw even more streets lit up as well as the station building and trees in the gateway ward of Penparcau. The Town Council also provides large Christmas trees for Penparcau and Trefechan as well as the Town Centre.
  • Bandstand summer programme: There is an increase in visitor numbers during the summer months and therefore the Town Council has co-ordinated and funded an entertainment programme in the Bandstand for July and August featuring local artists and musicians. Visitors are given a taste of Welsh culture through free quality local entertainment as well as being given an enriched experience of the promenade.
  • Civic pride: The Town Council contributes funding to the evening cleaning of the promenade and beaches to ensure the tourist experience is a positive one whilst also exploring options for combating dog fouling, littering and problems associated with seagulls.  The Town Council worked with Aberystwyth University to organise a meeting of key agencies to identify problems associated with refuse and to explore solutions.  Other projects to encourage civic pride include the regular litter picks organised by councillors in their wards and the Town Council’s planting programme of trees, spring bulbs and summer flowers.
  • Partnerships: Advancing Aberystwyth ar y Blaen manages the Business Improvement District for Aberystwyth. In order to support local businesses, the Town Council initially provided them with a free office and meeting space and has continued to work in partnership to provide Christmas lights.
  • Procurement policy: The Town Council sources goods and services from local businesses whenever possible.
  • Campaigns: The Town Council actively supports campaigns such as Plastic Free Aberystwyth by providing a meeting room facility and resources. Aberystwyth was designated a Fair-Trade Town in 2008 and in 2017 the Council resolved to lead on this work. Increased staff capacity will enable this work to proceed.



Plans going forward


  • Continue to support local businesses and initiatives that boost Aberystwyth’s economy, such as the Christmas lights, and continue to support and explore improvements and innovation.
  • Continue to support key annual local events but also support national/international events such as the Ceredigion Eisteddfod 2020 and the International Sheepdog Trials 2020.
  • Continue to work with partners to enhance Aberystwyth’s sense of place through cultural events.
  • Continue to explore ways of encouraging civic pride and solving problems such as dog fouling, sea gulls and littering including commissioning eye catching signage for the promenade.
  • Continue to support key campaigns such as Plastic Free Aberystwyth and work towards renewing Aberystwyth’s Fair Trade status.







GOAL 2: A resilient Wales


A nation which maintains and enhances a biodiverse natural environment with healthy functioning ecosystems that support social, economic and ecological resilience and the capacity to adapt to change (for example climate change)


In a nutshell: this goal aims to limit the demands that we place on the natural environment, and repair damage to habitats and species, so that it can adapt to change (like climate change) and still provide future generations with clean air, water, food and resources.



A resilient Aberystwyth

The Town Council aims to support and protect the local environment to the best of its abilities and powers, and is proud to have achieved the following:

  • Parks: The Town Council has built, with Big Lottery support, a new community park and skatepark in Boulevard St Brieuc. Opened in December 2017 and once a wasteland, Parc Kronberg has been developed as an exemplar community park and skatepark, with a wildlife area incorporated as a key part of the plan.  A large number of trees have been planted there, and encouraging natural plants and flowers to flourish across large areas of the park has created a visually stunning wildlife haven.  It has proved very popular especially as an after-school meeting place for parents and young people of all ages.  It has been used for bike displays as part of Cyclefest, by local athletic groups as part of their training, and the Council is currently promoting the wider park to a range of groups and ages. 

North Road Park has already benefitted from being planted with eight new native trees and whilst we are in the process of engaging with the community to identify future uses for the park, to date, creating a natural haven has featured strongly within the public responses.  The rope maze has recently been removed so that people may start enjoying the park as an open space once again whilst we finalise plans.  Unfortunately, five poplars had to be removed for legal reasons and in order to protect the less aggressive native Holm Oak trees. The row of Monterey cypresses, an outgrown hedge, is being removed in order to protect the native trees and to create the ecological diversity needed to both sustain wildlife and to encourage the wellbeing of Aberystwyth residents. More native trees will be planted in the park to achieve this. 

The Council has also taken over responsibility of managing the three playgrounds in Aberystwyth – Castle, Plascrug) and Penparcau - from the County Council and as far as possible is looking to develop them in a way which enhances and protects the environment.

The Council also manages the Adizone and MUGA in Penparcau and is looking at ways of improving these. 

  • Tree planting: The Town Council has a tree planting policy and an ambitious annual programme of tree planting. Last year three street trees were planted in Park Avenue, adding to the successful Coed Aber partner project, and more planting was planned near the playground in Penparcau.  A meeting was held with Ceredigion County Council and the Trunk Road Agency to identify key planting sites.
  • Allotments: The Town Council manages 38 allotments in Fifth Avenue, Penparcau and is working with the University to develop growing spaces on the old bowling green in Plascrug Avenue.  Within the last year improvements have been made including the provision of a toilet within the Fifth Avenue allotment enclosure and a water tap for the Caeffynnon allotments. Each year the allotments are opened to the public as part of the National Garden Scheme.
  • Bee Friendly Aberystwyth: The Town Council took over responsibility for many of the town centre flower borders from the County Council in 2017. The Town Council supports the planting of bee friendly flowers and is looking at ways of providing as many bee friendly plants as possible. Council has also planted native daffodil bulbs at various locations within the town as well as sourcing bee friendly plants for summer displays.


  • Plastic Free Coastline: The Town Council is supporting this initiative by providing a meeting place and by being an active partner. Aberystwyth was the first town council in Wales to support the plastic free initiative and Aberystwyth became the first town in Wales to achieve Plastic Free status.
  • The built environment: Through detailed scrutiny of planning applications by the Town Council’s Planning Committee, councillors aim to preserve the historical heritage of Aberystwyth as well as its environment.
  • Sea front cleaning: The Town Council contributes funding for the evening cleaning of the promenade and beaches during the summer to ensure impact on the environment is minimised and people’s experience of the sea front is a positive one.  Highly visible signage options have been investigated to deter the public from taking dogs onto the beaches, littering and feeding seagulls.
  • Community Litter picks: Town councillors organise community litter picks and support those organised by Beach Buddies.


Plans going forward

  • Continue to safeguard Aberystwyth’s built and natural environment and to support conservation initiatives.
  • Continue to provide green leisure spaces, allotments and growing spaces and continue to plant as many native trees and bee friendly flowers as possible.
  • Continue to work with and support environmental groups and partners to identify local actions to combat the climate emergency.
  • Improve North Road Park as a community space



GOAL 3: A healthier Wales


A society in which people’s physical and mental wellbeing is maximised and in which choices and behaviours that benefit future health are understood


In a nutshell: this goal aims for people in Wales to enjoy better health for longer, linked to more public awareness about how to avoid illness and more people choosing healthier lifestyles.





A healthier Aberystwyth

The Town Council aims to play a part in encouraging the health of the residents of Aberystwyth:


  • Parks: The Town Council sees green spaces and activity parks as important components in supporting the health of people and the environment. Further development of North Road Park as an improved community space is a key goal for 2019 with public consultation having taken place and more planned. The consultation to date has highlighted the need to improve the biodiversity within the park and that it should be a park for all ages.  By popular demand the rope labyrinth was removed to create an interim open green space and to deter dog fouling.

Parc Kronberg:  Completed in December 2017 with funding support from the Big Lottery, it provides a centrally located community park, for play and relaxation, and for the whole of Aberystwyth and beyond.  The skatepark component of the park ensures that the skills of young people and other users improve and are appreciated by an audience of all ages.  Use of the park has been promoted to a range of groups and local schools.

  • Playgrounds: The Town Council maintains three playgrounds to ensure that children are provided with play opportunities to maintain emotional and physical health in a social context. A review of the parks has been undertaken and will provide the basis for improvement works in 2019.
  • Adizone and MUGA: The Town Council ensures that people of all ages are provided with opportunities for physical activity and socialisation.
  • Allotments: 38 plots are currently provided in Penparcau, and more growing spaces are being developed on the old bowling green in Plascrug Avenue in partnership with the University.
  • Trees: The Town Council has a tree planting policy and an annual planting programme


Plans going forward


  • Continue to safeguard Aberystwyth’s built and natural environment and to support partner initiatives that do so
  • In addition to the review of playgrounds, the development of North Road park and the promotion and evaluation of Parc Kronberg, the Council will continue to provide, manage and improve playgrounds, sports grounds, and green leisure spaces, to encourage physical activity and mental wellbeing.
  • Continue to provide allotments and growing spaces
  • Continue to plant trees




















GOAL 4: A more equal Wales


A society that enables people to fulfil their potential no matter what their background or circumstances (including their socio-economic background and circumstances).


In a nutshell: an end to discrimination and equal chances for everyone


A more equal Aberystwyth

The Town Council celebrates the diverse population of Aberystwyth:


  • Equality statement: during the Brexit referendum, the Town Council published the following statement to confirm that everyone is welcome in Aberystwyth.


Aberystwyth Town Council is committed to working with partners to ensure that the inhabitants of the town, and those visiting it, experience a community that is safe and welcoming. Aberystwyth celebrates diversity and there is no place here for racism, xenophobia, hate crimes or intolerance. The Town Council undertakes to make everyone feel a valued member of our cosmopolitan and vibrant community.



  • The Welsh language: The Town Council has a bilingual policy and all Full Council meetings are fully bilingual as are all minutes, agendas, and correspondence (as appropriate). Bilingual signage provision is a Council Planning policy. Welsh culture and a sense of place is promoted through the Bandstand summer entertainment programme.
  • Twinning: Aberystwyth is twinned with Kronberg im Taunus, St Brieuc, Arklow, and Esquel.   Parc Kronberg is a symbol of the twinning friendship as is the street name Boulevard St Brieuc. Annual funding is provided for each twinning partnership as well as for the Yosano Friendship association.
  • Diverse cultures: Town Council grants are issued in April each year and the grants support a wide range of activities by diverse groups ranging from the Aberystwyth Silver Band to the Hindu Cultural Society.
  • Syrian refugees: Aberystwyth has welcomed several refugee families. The Town Council fully supports this initiative.
  • Carers: The Independent Remuneration Panel’s recommendation to provide reimbursement of costs for carers to attend meetings has been adopted by the Town Council 
  • White poppies: The Town Council supports the commemoration of civilian loss of life during times of war by placing a white wreath, with the red poppy wreath, on Remembrance Sunday. Wreaths are supplied for Penparcau and Aberystwyth.




Plans going forward


  • Continue to promote and safeguard equality and fight against discrimination by presenting positive messages
  • Continue to support positive relationships with other countries through the twinning partnerships
  • Continue to celebrate Aberystwyth’s diversity
  • Continue to safeguard and celebrate the Welsh language and culture



























GOAL 5: A Wales of cohesive communities


Attractive, viable, safe and well-connected communities


In a nutshell: this goal aims for people to live happily together, and to feel that they have a stake in their community, in local areas that can provide access to decent housing, transport, public services, recreation and jobs.




Cohesive Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth is a small town made up of close-knit communities. The Town Council is passionate about celebrating the diversity of this vibrant University Town.

  • Communication: councillor details are included on the Council’s website and they regularly engage with the electorate in their respective wards both individually and at social gatherings. One councillor, for example, provides a regular newsletter for his ward (Bronglais) to keep residents informed of developments and to provide useful contact details. The Council is also working with EGO to provide monthly features to provide key updates.
  • Engagement: The Council has held various interactive public workshops with partners to explore ideas regarding summer flowers, North Road park improvements, refuse, and the Aberystwyth Place Plan development. Engagement is supported by various consultation methods to ensure as broad a response as possible.
  • Partnerships: The Council works with various partners by providing financial support or by joint working. The Council works closely with partners to achieve good quality projects such as Christmas lights with Advancing Aberystwyth, environmental projects with a range of groups such as Plastic Free Aberystwyth, Greener Aberystwyth and Parc Natur Penglais, events with various partners including Ceredigion County Council, . The Town Council also provides daily signposting to Ceredigion County Council services.

The Town Council is officially represented on, and therefore actively supports, the following groups:

Shrewsbury to Aber Rail Users Liaison Committee, Arriva Railways, SARPA, St Brieuc Partnership, Aberystwyth Kronberg Partnership, Yosano Friendship, Esquel Twinning, Arklow Twinning, One Voice Wales, Menter Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth University Court, Old College Project Board, Advancing Aberystwyth ar y Blaen Board, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth Silver Band, Syrian Refugee Task & Finish Group, Constitution Hill Board of Trustees, Harbour Users Committee, Greener Aberystwyth Group, Ceredigion Traffic Management Committee, Dyfi Biosffer, Parc Natur Penglais, Warm Memorial Trust, Joseph and Jane Downie Bequest Trust, St Padarn’s School Governors, Llwyn yr Eos School Governors,  Plascrug School Governors, Ysgol Gymraeg Governors.

  • Funding support: The Town Council provides grants every April to a range of diverse community groups from sporting clubs to cultural societies. For example, the Town Council supported the building and development of the Hub in Penparcau which supports the surrounding community through a range of activities. The Council also shares information on other funding sources such as Awards for All Lottery funding.
  • Diversity statement: The Town Council has published the following statement to confirm that everyone is welcome in Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth Town Council is committed to working with partners to ensure that the inhabitants of the town, and those visiting it, experience a community that is safe and welcoming. Aberystwyth celebrates diversity and there is no place here for racism, xenophobia, hate crimes or intolerance. The Town Council undertakes to make everyone feel a valued member of our cosmopolitan and vibrant community.


  • Parc Kronberg: completed in December 2017, with funding support from the Big Lottery, it provides a centrally located community park, for play and relaxation for all ages and for the whole of Aberystwyth and further afield. It has become an after-school meeting place for parents and young people.


  • Older people: The Council organises an annual, highly subsidised lunch and entertainment for over 65s which is attended by over a 100 people.


  • Community safety: The Town Council funds the Police office in Penparcau



Plans going forward

  • Continue to engage with the community regarding future developments by utilising various methods of engagement
  • Continue to promote the Town Council’s work through various communication channels
  • Improve the Council website
  • Continue to support community groups by providing grants
  • Continue to encourage socialisation through play areas, parks and allotments as well as the annual Christmas lunch
  • Continue to safeguard and celebrate the Welsh language and culture
  • Continue to celebrate Aberystwyth’s diversity




GOAL 6: A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language


A society that promotes and protects culture, heritage and the Welsh language, and which encourages people to participate in the arts, and sports and recreation


In a nutshell: this goal aims for sports, arts, culture and the Welsh language to be part of everyday life for everyone.



An Aberystwyth of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language

The first recorded Mayor of Aberystwyth Borough dates back to c1450, the first elected Mayor to 1836 and the first Mayor of Aberystwyth Town to 1974-75.  Each Council has upheld the civic traditions passed on from previous councils.  Today the Town Council is made up of a diverse group in terms of age, sex and backgrounds but every councillor, each one unpaid, cares passionately about Aberystwyth, the Welsh language, the local culture as well as maintaining the town’s civic traditions. 

The Town Council aims to support the Welsh language and local culture to the best of its abilities and powers:

  • Support to cultural events: the Town Council provides funding and actively supports a wide range of cultural events that celebrate Welsh culture and enhance Aberystwyth’s sense of place: the Aberystwyth Eisteddfod, Pared Gwyl Dewi, MusicFest, the Silver Band extravaganza, the summer programme of entertainment in the Bandstand which features local artists etc.
  • Bilingual policy: The Town Council operates a bilingual policy for meetings, papers and correspondence and supports various cultural events and societies
  • Commemmorative plaques: The Town Council has worked with partners to commemorative important historical events as well as the noteworthy people of Aberystwyth






GOAL 7: A globally responsible Wales

A globally responsible Wales. A nation which, when doing anything to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of Wales, takes account of whether doing such a thing may make a positive contribution to global wellbeing, and the capacity to adapt to change (eg climate change).

In a nutshell: this goal is to ensure that we use only our fair share of the earth’s resources and that we choose actions that avoid exploitation of others and do not worsen global challenges like climate change









A globally responsible Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth Town Council is proud to have achieved the following:

  • Climate Emergency: The Town Council declared a state of climate emergency and is working with partners to identify actions. The Council maintains green spaces and has a tree planting policy.
  • Plastic Free Town: The Council is currently actively supporting Plastic Free Aberystwyth and was the first council in Wales to do so and to achieve Plastic Free status for Aberystwyth. The Town Council supports activities by providing administrative support and a meeting space as well as actively participating in events and playing a strategic role.
  • Town Twinning: Aberystwyth has developed long lasting twinning friendships with Kronberg im Taunus (Germany), St Brieuc (Brittany), Arklow (Southern Ireland) and Esquel (Argentina) but also has an established friendship with Yosano (Japan).
  • Fair Trade Town: Aberystwyth’s Fair Trade Town status lapsed in 2016 but the Council has resolved to regain the accreditation.