Aberystwyth Council

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 received Royal Assent on 30th November 2000.

It places a number of obligations upon all Local Councils. One of these obligations is that they must produce and maintain a publication scheme. This is a list of the classes of information which the Council is prepared to make available to members of the public.

Publication Schemes are intended to encourage organisations to publish more information proactively and to develop a culture of openness.

Aberystwyth Town Council has adopted the "Model Scheme" as provided by the Information Commissioner.


1.       General Information 


Aberystwyth Town Council, Town Hall, Queens Road, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 4PY


01970 624761

Responsible Officer:

Clerk to the Council

Maintaining Officer:

Clerk to the Council


2. Information to be published


  1.        Method of Publication 

(Town Hall is open from 9 am to 4pm)


Council practice and procedures

Council Agendas and Minutes


Committee Agendas and Minutes:



Acceptance of Office

Standing Orders 

Councillors Code of Conduct

Register of Councillors Interests

Council Policies



Agendas are posted on Notice Boards. Agendas and Minutes can also be inspected in the Town Hall (by appointment) and the library.

 Copies are placed in the town library. Originals can be inspected in the Town Hall by appointment.




These can be inspected at the Town Hall by appointment




The Annual Precept Figure


Annual Budgets in Summary Form

Expenditure against Budget in Summary Form

Annual Accounts and supporting information

Financial Regulations

Risk Assessment



Published in the District Council leaflet



Can be inspected at the Town Hall by appointment


Can also be inspected on Councils web site

Can also be inspected on Councils web site


Summary lists of planning applications


Can be inspected in the Town Hall by appointment

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy


 Can be inspected in the Town Hall by appointment  

Archive Material

Minute Books


 Can be inspected in the Town Hall by appointment

Periodic Electoral Review

Documents on last Electoral Review

Documents on the last Boundary change


Can be inspected in the Town Hall by appointment


Terms and conditions of employment

Job descriptions

Can be inspected in the Town Hall by appointment

Exempt Material

Personal information relating to Councillors (other than required to be declared in Register of Interest)

Personal information relating to employees

Tenders and bids from contractors and suppliers

Note: Data Protection Legislation prohibits the publication of certain categories of information.

4. Charging Policy

Information can be inspected, by appointment at the Town Hall free of charge.

Information that can be photocopied without breaching copyright laws can be copied on the Town Hall’s photocopier at the cost of 10p per A4 sheet.

5. Review of Policy

This Policy was approved by Aberystwyth Town Council at its meeting on 10th December 2002 (min 176) and will be reviewed bi-annually.

Note: Under Data Protection Legislation, the Council is required regularly to review the information that it keeps and to destroy that which does not form part of its official records.  Residents wishing to inspect information are therefore requested to telephone the Town Hall to ensure that the information they require is still available.