Aberystwyth Council


  1. Town Councillors are entitled to submit agenda items to the Town Council, these can be placed on agendas of committees and the Town Council. The advice of the Chief Executive Officer should be sought as to the legality of any agenda items.
  2. It is the intention of the Town Council that when any matter is put before it for consideration that relevant information be provided to Council members prior to the Council meeting together with the agenda papers.
  3. The said report must include information to enable the Council to come to an informed decision.
  4. The said report must be submitted in writing to the Executive officer at least by 4pm on the 6th day prior to the Council meeting at which it is intended to be considered. In practice this means the Tuesday afternoon prior to a Monday meeting.
  5. The Executive Officer will then make relevant enquiries and if necessary prepare a report of the Council in addition to any report drafted by the proposer.  
  6. All of this information will then be considered by Town Councillors when it is sent out with the agenda papers for the Council meeting and will enable them to make an informed decision on which course of action to take.
  7. The adoption of the above policy will NOT preclude Aberystwyth Town Council from consideration of urgent items at the Chairman’s discretion.