Aberystwyth Council


  1. Statement

    The Council is committed to the principle of encouraging members of staff to enhance their career and qualifications by further training.   All sponsored training must relate directly to the needs of the Council, be relevant to an individual’s duties and be subject to availability of financial resources.

  2. Training Objectives

    To provide suitably trained, qualified and motivated employees for the Council at the right time and level.

    To provide facilities for training and retraining to meet the changing needs of the Council.

    To provide employees with a greater understanding of the purpose and working of the Council and their part in it and to foster the development of job satisfaction and positive attitude towards personal development.

  3. Identification of Training Needs

    Members and employees should have regard to the following when considering training needs:

    1. Workload implication of training.
    2. The capabilities of the applicant to benefit from the training.
    3. The employees past attainments if the application is for continued academic sponsorship.
    4. The most economic and effective means of training.
    5. The provision and availability of training budget.
    6. Priority of each individual employee’s need with regard to budget.
  4. Training Schemes

    Training courses to be financed from the Town Council staff training budget.

    It is expected that employees undertaking qualification training will attend the nearest college offering the required course at the appropriate level. 

  5. Financial Assistance Scheme

    Where training is approved the Council will pay and /or assist with expenses incurred which may cover such items as tuition and examination fees.   The Council will sponsor employees for one examination resit only i.e. two attempts at any one examination. 

    Travelling costs to be paid at the discretion of the Council. 

    In the case of officers attending courses during their normal working hours, the employee will, at the discretion of the Council, be required to make up working time lost.

    Where facilities are granted under the scheme to enable an officer to acquire a recognised qualification, it is a condition precedent to the granting of such facilities that the officer shall be required to undertake to remain in the service of the Town Council for a period of two years from the date on which the qualification is obtained.   If an officer leaves within this two year period all costs are reclaimed in full except in the most exceptional circumstances.

    Where an officer without good reason fails to sit for an examination within a reasonable period or fails to show satisfactory progress in his/her studies or discontinues the course, the Council will forthwith withdraw the facility granted under the Scheme and will require the refunding of the financial assistance granted in accordance with the undertaking signed by the employee.

    The continuance of facilities under the Scheme, whether for a second or succeeding stage of study or for a second attempt at an examination, shall be granted only if the Council is satisfied either that the officer has passed the appropriate examination, has otherwise made satisfactory progress in his/her studies, or merits assistance to enable him/her to sit the examination again. 

    Officers attending assisted courses are required to inform the Town Clerk immediately of any absences giving reasons.   Failure to do so may result in action being taken under the Disciplinary Procedure.

    Staff are required to complete and sign a declaration of undertaking before embarking on a post-entry qualification training course agreeing to the above conditions.   This undertaking is authorised by the Town Clerk and Town Mayor.

    The individual employee is responsible for his/her registration for the appropriate course and examination, but not before approval has been obtained.   The Council will not meet a financial commitment where prior approval has not been granted.