Aberystwyth Council


We are the first port of call in the planning process for the Aberystwyth area. The planning committee's main aim is to, as closely as possible, represent the view of the community by acting as a link between the planning authority and the community. We aim to ensure a two-way flow of information with the community and the planning authority and also aim to find and use as many ways of accessing the broadest views as possible.

Planning Flow Process in Aberystwyth
We are the first port of call for planning in Aberystwyth

The Council plays a fundamental part in the legislative process regarding planning and is a statutory consulted body for planning applications allowing us to view every planning application made. The is creation of a planning charter and place plan further involves the Council in the decision making process.

How can we help?

We can provide copies of planning applications both in printed form and digital form. Printed copies can be collected from our offices in the town centre. The planning committee holds regular public meetings to scrutinise recently made applications where members of the public are welcome to attend and give their views. Unfortunately, we are unable to advertise the list of planning applications prior to the meeting as there isn't enough time.